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  1. Triple threat tag matches are tornado style and not standard match type.
  2. Any more new match types like I quit or other special match types?
  3. No chance. Get over it or get a PC version.
  4. As I said they will not be in the game. The news is also which I assumed due to external factors they are not there. Unless they pop in your games in towers mode as some of the people said.
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/cmpuls3/status/1042786181052805120?s=19 No micro transactions. Good
  6. we earn less VC in towers mode.
  7. We can have more than 4 titles in universe mode. Finally.
  8. Ciampa is still secret unlockable in towers mode? Did anyone mention it.
  9. Garbage mode. They dont have time to add new match types but they have time and money to add this garbage which minority asked for. Classic 2K.
  10. No, they will pop up in towers as unlockables in towers mode.
  11. So NXT guys are paid far less than main roster guys. NXT guys are paid $3000 according to Gotch. I am curious how legends are paid. I think they are paid less than NXT guys and it maybe the reason legends opted out. 3000 is a good amount just for a video game.
  12. Ouch. Same garbage talk about showcase. No universe mode and match types?
  13. PPV rewards such as helmet, mask etc.
  14. Just a cash grab. We people are paying and they are taking advantage. Thats it.
  15. Why the helll there is Nintendo Switch logo at the end when the game is not coming on that console.
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