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  1. Weird, I updated the body and it looks ok in game on mine now. Reuploaded. Thanks guys : Just uploaded a new version with new body and updated attire from this past Wednesday. Think I'm done with this now and it should be the final version. Up on CC now.
  2. Updated face and body texture now up.
  3. I'm going to make a some custom color variations slots with jackets. Whipped this together in Photoshop to experiment. Interested to get your thoughts on which ones you like best.
  4. Thanks man. Appreciate it. You are knocking out some great stuff yourself. I’ve downloaded most.
  5. Thanks. Been playing these games for way too long. Tried my hand at cawing about 8-10 years ago and I’m much better at the logos/attires than the face morphing. Pale in comparison to the greats (Ryeedee, Bhangra, Defract and Kradiation). Ive posted customs in the past and a few real guys back in the day. As there wasn’t much to go by on CC thought I’d share. Generally just tweak or update others to suit my OCD on attires. Still not happy with the jacket texture based on how logos work this year.
  6. Thanks man. Yeah it’s been a very long time since I did something and shared it. Hope you enjoy.
  7. Thanks - Tats took me some time but I’m pretty happy with it. Thought I’d share seeing as though there aren’t that many current era versions online. Uploded a version without the elbow. Let me know if that shows up as non-DLC. Thanks.
  8. Final Version This has updated body sizing and his attire from Dynamite this past week 6.17 Not tweaking this anymore lol Hope you enjoy
  9. Awesome. Thanks. Was being dumb and didn’t have your 3rd account tagged as a favorite. Thanks for pointing that out.
  10. Hey - just getting back into 2k19. Was hoping you’d be able to re-up this if you still have it on your system. Would massively appreciate it. Can’t quite bring myself to pull the trigger on 20.
  11. There is definitely something funky going on with CC right now. Im having the same problem with this as people are having with Gamevolts A.J. I have nearly 100 free logo spots and the max logos message comes up for this. Looks like someone submitted a ticket to 2K reading through their boards. If anyone has figured a way out to get this awesome caw with the same issue let me know! Great work by the way as always.
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