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  1. I hope Austin's showcase mode is the only one on disc and then rest are DLC's. What I would like to see, perhaps a Sting showcase or something focusing on NXT
  2. Awesome that Balor is mo-capping his own entrance and moves, no one else could do it. I just hope others would do the same, get Austin in that suit to at least mo-cap his entrance and winning animation.
  3. I never pre-order any games, the pre-order copies are usually available to buy from stores anyways around here so there's no point..
  4. Nickelodeon


    Whoops, didn't realize possible spoilers here
  5. Awesome if true, always was a big Hurricane fan!
  6. Don't mind it at all! BUT I do have to say that WWE games covers has been rather bland for few years now, I think the last cover I personally liked a lot was WWE 13 with Punk on it. Still, I think it's still cool, the glass shatters are a nice touch.
  7. IF WCW will play it's part in this game like rumored, I would say Goldberg is quite honestly the only logical choice for pre order bonus. They can't do Sting again, or Hogan and after them I'd say Goldberg is bigger attraction than people like DDP or Kevin Nash or anyone else from WCW for instance.
  8. Alternative attires should have their own slots and not use the CAW slots, kinda like how Superstar Threads were. Also editing face and body paint, skin tone and more custom clothing parts.
  9. Nickelodeon

    WWE 2k16 Q&A

    That is awful a lot of information that they would just give out to a random person. The stench of Bullshit is strong in this one.
  10. Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose cover would be sweet. Calling it now: Live Action trailer with Steve Austin hyping the game
  11. Not a big fan of Showcase mode, but personally I'm fine with this. Also glad to hear JR is back doing commentary. If ONLY he would be available in Exhibition/Universe mode too instead of being a showcase exclusive!!
  12. Oh man, if Hogan himself ever sees this, he won't be happy at all
  13. Don't quote me on this, but I do have a gut feeling Create A Comeback will be in 2k16.
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