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  1. after the poor roster this year only thing that i could see saving it is a nwo dlc pack curt hennig rick rude hollywood hogan scott steiner macho man hall and nash outsiders attires black and red eric bischoff as a manager but thats not gonna happen i can dream tho way 2 many missing legends and normal roster stars, and so far all dlc looks like bs customs fantasy stuff that should b left for caw makers , 2k cut costs this year big time, they all about saying money, well im sure after this mess they will lose 40% of players, if not this year defo next , gamers will gwt sick of it and if will end up like a fifa game u dont care if u miss a year or 2
  2. i may take a year off wwe2k21 may b better if they bring back more legends and give more than just one hogan when i would bet most ppl want 80s or nwo hogan
  3. jeff jarrett, rick rude, mr perfect, sid justice, ddp, vader, bam bam bigelow, greg valentine, batista, british bulldog , christian, lex luger, rikishi, rock and roll express , tatanka , godfather, beth phoenix , diesil , rick martel
  4. southpaw regional wrestling will be the spoof stars from that show no man's land , at a guess horror theme again empire of tomorrow could be super heros
  5. i wonder if one back is xmas themed , miss santas and santa foley , we got bump in the night for halloween , then after that maybe super heros like super cena etc, not saying ill be happy with any of that but a guess
  6. thats sad news lets hope for huge amount of ingame ppl and none taken away apart from those who left to aew or whatever
  7. yh new moves per fantasy star i guess unless they use same moves as there normal selfs? but weapons and parts and arenas are in all 4 dlc packs i think
  8. no idea im only guessing, moves pack will maybe come last and not counted as a pack? heres hoping its a mistype and 2k r not doing 4 fantasy packs
  9. 4 dlc packs of wwe orinigals and bump in the night is pack one of 4, all to be fantasy themed I guess this year dlc is stuff that's not needed on disk just extras if u want them , so this time any new nxt or legends or anyone new will be on disk from the start, why pay dlc for guys that should be on disk, so this way they sell dlc for ppl that want the 11 maybe plus custom fantasy stars, still no full roster details, hope loads secret legends and new stars on disk, who knows, but I don't think we will get even more dlc, 4 fantasy packs , maybe a moves pack, then rock mankind Hogan , that may be all we are getting? “Bump In the Night” will be available at no cost to those who pre-order the game, but it will also be available for individual purchase at $14.99. “Bump In the Night” is the first of four WWE 2K20 Originals DLC packs. All four will be released in the coming months, by the spring of 2020.
  10. gm mode ratings for matches and shows so can see best shows per week and ppv of the year more versions of hulk hogan not just bearded hulk rules 2002 version nwo versions of big show hbk, scott hall nash xpac and others more legends
  11. looks like all dlc could be originals, hope thats not true, looks like they may b killing off legends and going more fantasy, heading towards more like mortal combat crazy stuff, hope thats not true , read that gameplay has been made more simple, it was easy enough hope game isnt real messed up i would like to see new stars pack nwo/nwo wolfpac pack so get curt henning back as they taken out mr perfect, think maybe gone as they have 2/3 year contracts for legends, monday night war pack rick rude manager and hopefully a playable version along with other good ideas for stars maybe xpac/syxx anyway im not sure will buy this year round, still no gm mode by looks of it, i may wait to see what reveiws it gets and watch gameplay on youtube. as a fan of the 80/90s im sad to see legends removed, its ok when crappy ones but when its ones i like huge deal lol
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