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  1. I gotta wait til Friday but I'll be bringing some of my guys back for next gen and maybe some new faces too.. Let's see what gimmicks I can pull off with what's available
  2. Yeah like I said, its not going to work so well with the coloured ones like Jericho's cos obviously you lose the colours doing it like this but the other one is like 90% what I was talking about. You can test it by putting other picture layers behind it and seeing how it shows up (a non tattooed arm would be ideal haha) that way if there's still hard edges you will see then straight away to fix with a soft eraser carefully. I can't explain more without showing you (Monday). Just remember to put the layer transparency in multiply mode as that is the most important step for the transparency
  3. The transparency in the game will work to an extent but you'll still have to play around colour matching with the skin a bit otherwise you'll have to go way too transparent. Follow the steps I posted and you'll get just that tattoo artwork and it'll be suitable for use on any colour background without being stuck to a skin coloured shape. I'm off work this week to move but I can do one as an example for you when I get back to the studio on Monday.
  4. Those tattoos... A tip to make them even more easy to use with the new tool would be to do the following: - Desaturate the image leaving you with a black and white photo. - up the contrast/levels enough so that the lighter areas of skin start to turn almost white (obviously don't let it distort/burn the image - set the layer transparency mode to 'multiply' Now you have only the artwork of the tattoo on a completely transparent background ready to be used on any character model of any skin colour without having to worry about matching edges or even any edge haloing or artefacting.. Try it for yourself if you don't quite understand. You could even use hue/sat/colorize on the end result if you want a different colour other than black eg a more traditional dark blue/green tattoo ink colour Obviously this will only work for the single colour tattoos or images on a white background but with no white in (since all the white become transparent when multiplied)
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