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  1. Thanks. I'm not the best man for those Japanese rings. Identifying all those sponsors is a bit of a nightmare if you don't speak the language. I'm a big fan of NJPW though. And NOAH before Misawa died, after which they seem to have lost the plot. I'd even go so far as to say that Kenta Kobashi is one of my all time favourites, ever. For anyone looking for evidence, watch this match he had with Kensuke Sasaki in 2005: I'm mainly focusing on slipping in some more ROH arenas. Am I right in thinking that a lot of the Ring of Honor PPVs don't have special ring apron and trim displays? I just watched some War of the Worlds highlights and it was all just the basic arena. If so, I might focus on isolating some good logos for them and make those into shows. P.s. I keep seeing little details to improve upon my base ROH arena. Like the fact that the announcers table on the real shows still features a card on top with the 2010-2015 logo. Darn you, artistic integrity.
  2. Thanks. Global Wars was doable because I had an actual copy to watch and study. I'm more of an old Ring of Honor fan and admittedly don't see much of the new stuff. If people can get me clear screen caps of the entrance displays and aprons, I should be able to pull something off.
  3. I've created an ROH/NJPW Global Wars 2016 arena, after a LOT of studying and work in Photoshop working on the apron. Hashtags: NJPW, ROH, Global Wars Please let me know what you all think, and ENJOY!!!!
  4. If you want an easy placeholder for a PPV ring in the meantime, just do what I do. Copy the arena and change to a bigger audience. It's not perfect, but it helps. Great news! I copied the arenas a bunch of time and finally got them to show up in the upload window. This game is a programming mess and makes absolutely no sense, but can work again!
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Looks like the game won't let me upload any more of my arenas. Tried to reupload all my logos and remake my arenas from scratch and still didn't work. Until they patch out this game (seems unlikely), looks like I'm out for the rest of this one. Sorry folks
  6. Hi, Yeah, as spotted by ItalianoFBI above, these are for the PS4. I've had a save corruption, so I'd have to rebuild everything from scratch before making any other ROH arenas. To be honest, I'm more interested in perfecting a Chikara stage and maybe having a go at a PWG, assuming I've not been beaten to the punch. Someone made a pretty good PWG in 2K16. Not sure if it's been ported yet. If I get round to rebuilding the base arena, and somebody can find some good, clear and high res photos of the stages and apron, I'd consider the odd ROH PPV.
  7. It's a little weird actually. I start the download. It starts downloading the logos and then the game crashes. Again, it's not your fault. They just made the game buggy. It was really consistent too. One interesting note was a higher then normal number of logos being saved. About 23. Does that sound accurate?
  8. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your latest RVD just caused my game to crash mid download and corrupted my save. Twice. I think it might be corrupted. Again, sorry. (Just lost my Ring Of Honor and Chikara CAAs )
  9. Hope you pick this back up again. Would be a shame if this was a dead end after all your work.
  10. I've updated my old Ring of Honor arenas for 2K17. Getting all the stage backgrounds was a challenge. Getting the ACTUAL new ring apron logo was a MISSION!!! In the end, I found a high resolution photo of a "This Is Wrestling" t-shirt to take it from. Hashtags: RING OF HONOR, ROH, ARENA Next, I updated my 2006-2008 Ring of Honor arena for the new game. Found a decent quality ROH-TV logo to use on the screen. Let me know what you think. Hashtags: RING OF HONOR, ROH, ARENA Lastly, I've created a new Chikara arena. The ring is based on the 2016 King of Trios. I even researched the actual fonts for all the logos (even the ring post) to make high resolution versions. Had to take some creative liberties with the entrance way though. Hashtags: CHIKARA, ARENA UPDATE: I'll probably rework the Chikara entrance in the future. I just reuploaded the Chikara arena with a fixed tron and adjusted apron logo. I've also created an ROH/NJPW Global Wars 2016 arena, after a LOT of studying and work in Photoshop working on the apron. Hashtags: NJPW, ROH, Global Wars Please let me know what you all think, and ENJOY!!!!
  11. Hope to have a little free time over the holidays for a few more arenas. Also, I want to do Final Battle 2015 (which will take place on the 18th December).
  12. Decided that i wasn't happy with an old project of mine. Therefore, here is my new, updated and almost completely redone classic mid 2000's Ring of Honor ring! Hastags: Ring of Honor ROH Arena Sienar ENJOY!!
  13. Well, Global Wars is Ready. Seeing as it's 95% the same setup as War of the Worlds, I'm going to bypass the screenshot posting. Tags: Global Wars, ROH, Ring Of Honor, PPV, NJPW
  14. Thanks again. If anyone can find good photos or pictures of ring aprons or tron graphics for the ROB PPVs, it'll all help. I like to work with 512x512 logos at a minimum. 1024, wherever possible. Any photo will help though as I can use them as a basis to make new graphics from. Just struck gold for the Global Wars Tron Graphic. Thx Googlle Images!
  15. Thanks. I'll be making Global Wars next. Seeing as it's 95% exactly the same except for the logo on the top tron.
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