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  1. I am not at all surprised with the potential roster or 2k's marketing scheme of keeping as much information back to the last minute asthey could, I actually expected that of them. I would not be shocked that the Legends get the raw deal and will have far more absent than have been added. As for Chyna and Hulk Hogan being Hidden behind a pay wall so you have to buy potentially shoddy DLC that you might not want (especially fantasy BS) in order to get access to those big name characters again I expected nothing less of 2K. I have not brought a 2K wrestling game since 2K17 and as much as I would like to purchase a new one I am not desperate to buy one if so much removed and little added. Somewhat off topic I feel some people are blinded by their hatred of THQ and Yukes and act like 2K are the saviours and first it felt like progress was indeed being made but I personally feel they have stalled and actually lost their way. I don't expect huge gameplay improvements either this year and they have added novelty junk to mask this year's potential lack of everything. I have suspected 2K were hiding and it will be soon be revealed one way or another. To me a game which I can't see myself using 20 % of the roster or features then I can't justify paying full value or perhaps even buying at all, I have no issue paying the full wack and even extras day one if I felt it was worth it.
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