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  1. I watched every episode of That 70's show. Would cost £80 to buy online, so i was very happy when I saw it on Netflix. I watch a bit of adventure time on there too, and I will eventually get around to finishing Breaking Bad.
  2. I love tits. They are my favourite bird.

  3. So this is our GTA crew logo (made by UncleCreepy). Crew is called Raging Metapod. And then this is us having what seems to be an album cover photoshoot.
  4. Haha, sorry, my bad. Sunderland are my main team, Southampton my second (no idea why, just really like them) and then probably Arsenal my third. I do take interest in Gateshead, Hartlepool and Carlisle. Bizarrely, I hate Middlesbrough more than Newcastle.

  5. Well, I was born in Gateshead, which is literally 5 minutes away from Newcastle, but my PArents are Sunderland fans and used to take me to games. I had a season ticket when I was about 7 until the age of 11, so I was just brought up that way. I assume it would be like you being welsh but supporting West Brom.

  6. He was bitching about ThreeG to one of his good friends on ICW cause he lost a match.

  7. It says your orientation is Straight. Serious words Mister!

  8. Just fix the problem and remove your hideous posters.

  9. My internet is fine, yet my Msn is being a *censored*. :/

  10. I love it. Especially when Tony Hayward was saying sorry.

  11. i'm sorry. I'll make it up to you ;)

  12. as you guessed, no internet. The phoneline is now in, but net is up to another 10. I am pissed off!

  13. hello lise. I have missed you. How are things? :)

  14. 3 words. Poo. Cocktail. Supreme.

  15. Mike 'with no internet' stoked. Rofl.

  16. You r sexy. Btw, i'll be back on xbl and computer in a little under a week. I am stoked.

  17. phone stalking. Seen jackass yet? It is *censored*ing epic!!

  18. I did add, but i didnt to the first page. But you are now.

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