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  1. Playlist updated to week 19. Now included our September ppv Virtual Insanity
  2. Whatever happened to Showtime Jay Maximum, Bulldozer & Gacy The Clown?
  3. You've definitely got more than enough creations that's for sure. Great work as always
  4. Those Samoans are some nasty work. If I had more room they'd be locked in for sure.
  5. Updated up to week 17, which includes our 4th annual Heatwave ppv
  6. You can be on multiple divisions if you have more than one show with the same titles
  7. That chicken wing and tombstone are just fine
  8. Playlist updated all the way up to week 15 from last night's stream
  9. YESSSSSSSS!!!!! The revamped look of pouvoir absolu has been so good. Ellis Hamilton has been killing it. And Potter is not far behind on the show.
  10. You said no Laurant this year? Or is he still a possibility? *sidenote I would love to have him back lol*
  11. I was about to message and say someone took all your girls and re-uploaded them. But this is your backup account I guess???
  12. Nah bruh, these are *censored*ing great.
  13. We're up to week 11 now tv wise. Bishop is doing great. He's got 2 big matches coming up a non title champion vs champion match at American Anarchy vs Dmented. And then 2 weeks later at Tokyo Takeover we're putting the the Intercontinental Championship & the WWA Championship on the line in a triple threat winner takes all match. It'll be our tournament winner vs Bishop vs Dmented
  14. Pouvoir looked good in their return. We got the best of them tho lol. But Bishop Black is doing his thing this season so far.
  15. THANK YOU!!!!! I saw them earlier on cc and grabbed them with the quickness
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