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  1. Awww man you didnt have to do that. I appreciate it. Gonna download her as soon as I get off work. Thank you.
  2. Okay good. Cause we're crowning our first ever women's hardcore champion on our next ppv and I wanted to make sure she had a chance to qualify/compete.
  3. Cathy still on the way if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Looking forward to it. I should be launching my 23 stream tonight . We wrapped our last 22 ppv stream last week.
  5. I grabbed sonya shortly after she went up. I was ready lol. Thank you. All I got left is Cathy
  6. Don't sell yourself short, that name is pretty good. I was ready to lock my women's roster down after Sonya, Johari & Cathy. But Carmine having a tag partner could be a nice shift for her ln my show.
  7. I love it. Also here to let you know we'll officially be switching over to 2K23 after our next ppv Virtual Insanity.
  8. I'm gonna transition over to 23 after the next ppv. So I'll probably double up on the streams tomorrow
  9. Yes I did and I'm beyond excited. I scooped carmine up as soon as I saw her. What entrance you use for panteras? I always gave them the the miztourage
  10. Can we have outdoor nighttime shows yet? They always reverted to day or evening
  11. No rush cause I know these take time. Just want to know about how long before you get to Cathy Hollis, Carmine Day, Johari & Sonya Cruise.
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