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  1. Got my eye on The Otunga Bros if this tournament doesn't work out for me.and my boy Eddie King. I think you can keep it simple and just call them The Otungas as their tag team name.
  2. Tatsu Muta always gets a reaction on my streams, thank you again for sharing your work. I got plans to mix gom with two other characters for a possible faction down the line. Notorious Uprising is about to breakout for a push soon too.
  3. Streaming live rn https://www.twitch.tv/maize2786
  4. I appreciate that. Trying to find my footing with this show, I think we're starting to hit our stride.
  5. You got a tag team name for Tracie Warren & Jamie Reed?
  6. WWA FURY ROAD (YouTube) WWA FURY ROAD (Twitch) 2nd PPV of the year, kicking off our summer showcase series.
  7. WWA REVENGE (YouTube) WWA REVENGE (Twitch) Our 1st pay per view of the year.
  8. Tatsumi Muta going up on CC at any point? I would love to have him on my roster.
  9. WWA (Worldwide Wrestling Alliance) Live Streams Follow me on twitch when you wanna check out the brand live. And all streams will be exported/archived to my YouTube in case you miss anything. Maize2786 on YouTube
  10. April - Clash of The Titans
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