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  1. Well, patch 1.17 comes out, and very shortly thereafter, the Universe mode goes from mildly frustrating to absolutely unplayable. They "fixed" the tag team problem by making the game repeatedly crash. Also, intermittently, in MyFaction mode, during matches, the screen turns blue. For F***"S sake!
  2. Once again, the devs fix some things and then screwed up others. Tried to create multiple teams in Universe mode, and it crashed three times in a row. Worse yet, go back into the game, and Universe mode deleted the teams I had created before it crashed. f***ing game....
  3. lucha, wanted you to know: When you try to download the Hollywood Bodies (Parcher & Long), one of them is listed as "corrupted file"
  4. Curious, has anyone else encountered an odd situation in Universe mode where Elimination Chamber matches are not selectable for a random PPV (it is shaded grey)?
  5. lucha, would love to download a number of these, but you never told us any of their names, or your PSN/XBOX name to search for.
  6. ksdixon (and anyone else interested), I decided to give CROSS-Out's method a try in order to fix the "'CAW not appearing properly" situation, and I can tell you, it worked brilliantly.
  7. wargreymon, I had the custom nameplate bug way back before 1.05, they update, fix it, and now with 1.12 they undid the fix. Meanwhile, the created character bug still persists....damn it.
  8. Once again, an update comes (1.10), and it solves nothing at all. Universe mode still won't let me create a minor show from scratch through the calendar. Still defaults to major show only. Also, the character glitch/bug (where one CAW model bleeds into another, or fails to display at all) is still prevalent. Three f***ing updates and STILL no fixes.
  9. Come on, 2K! Just patched the game, and now custom belts show up, yay! However, an existing problem still persists, and I've been "gifted" an all new one: 1. created wrestlers still do not display properly. For instance, I have both Adam Page and Adam Cole as CAWs, but at any given time, one will display as the other. Happens with Female CAWs too (hikaru shida displays as deonna purazzo, and vice versa). Also, some don't display at all (they appear as shaded out characters). 2. New problem in Universe mode; when I try to set up minor shows, they seem to default to major shows. There seems to be no way to fix it either.
  10. Well, Universe mode is dead again. Tried to set up a WWE vs WCW rivalry (basically modern wwe vs new version of wcw with custom arenas). Once I was done setting up Nitro the show, I attempted to use a custom Nitro arena. Whoops! No single custom arena could be chosen. Piece of crap 2K. Fix this and numerous other issues, now!
  11. Well, Just booted up game after not playing for over a week, and online options came back. Only problem is that any custom title I download shows up black (no logos, color, nothing), whether I play in Universe mode or otherwise. On top of that, I download the different AEW championships on CC (world, women's, etc.,) and they all show up on championship page as AEW world championship. Same title four frigging times! Hey 2K, fix your damned game!
  12. This one happening to anyone? I start up the game, system says "all online options are currently unavailable" and says there's un "unexpected error"... I call bull**** on that one as mere moments later, I am posting this message here. ON THE F***ING INTERNET. Update the damn game, devs.
  13. Well, Four frigging updates, and still no resolution to my issues: 1. No matter the mode (Universe or otherwise) created championships appear blacked out. Rendering Universe mode obsolete for me. 2. At character select screen or matchup screen, one CAW will overwrite another's display. Still waiting for fix...
  14. well, installed the patch but previous problem still exists (where any created or custom championship shows up in-game entirely blank or black). Also, new problem: created wrestler profiles bleed into one another in selection screen (the one where you choose who fights whom). guess I'll be waiting for another patch update. Sigh...
  15. didn't see any reply to my first message, so I will try again... When I go into Universe mode (yes, it works now) and try using a custom title, it shows up shaded black. What can I do to fix this? Also, when I try to create my own title, everything in the "relief" section where you can customize the front plate is also shaded black. help??
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