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  1. I have been having lots of fun setting up custom matches of all sorts but one: First blood Matches or any permutations of that idea, really. I am unable to turn that option on, for some reason. It is always shaded grey (not selectable) any help would be appreciated....
  2. Mr. Contrary, If you mean PS4, yes I absolutely did. I always check that first.
  3. Ernez, I type in the content creator's name exactly as it is shown on youtube videos, posts on this forum, etc, and it never shows up. i just get that stupid message over and over again. Please help...
  4. I have become helplessly stumped in how to solve a problem I have encountered in the CC area of WWE2K18. I try to search for ANY specific content creator and EVERY time I do it comes back as: "this creator didn't upload any creations" only problem is: I KNOW they did, because some, of not most, of them are ones mentioned here in this forums under the CAWS section. HELLLPPP!!!!
  5. So, I set up my Universe Mode, and had Mr. Perfect (Legends download from the DLC pack) vs Ryback. Back and forth match, until Ryback catches Mr. Perfect (me) in a shellshock. I had previously set Bobby Heenan as Perfect's manager, and what he did was brilliant. Not only does the Brain actually distract Ryback early in the match, but when Ryback does hit that Shellshock, Heenan yanks the ref out of the ring during the (almost) three count. Seconds later, Ryback turns around right into a Perfect Plex! Absolutely awesome!
  6. I am having fun with the Universe mode in WWE2K16, but I am stumped as to whether or not either Gold Rush or Tag Team Tournament are available in Universe Mode. Are they, and if so, how do I access them? Every time I look they are shaded grey (unavailable)....????
  7. Thank you all for your help, but I figured it out on my own. Here is the info for anyone who needs it: 1. In the Stone Cold 2K Showcase, there is a section called "Optional Objectives" ot something of that sort. 2. One of the objecives is to defeat all four NOD members in successive 1-1 encounters. Once this task is completed, you receive Mark Henry '98. 3. The above unlockable also unlocks a hidden tag team in the Universe Mode, which jjust so happens to be Nation of Domination (all five members). Thanks again for your attempts to help, and whoever the monitors of the forum are, you may decide to sticky this topic to help others, or lock it. Whichever is more convenient.
  8. Mink, Absolutely positive. They always appear in my Universe Mode in singles matches. I just wish I could group them as NOD. Unfortunately, I seem unable to do so at this juncture.
  9. To clarify what I meant: I have set up my Universe Mode as such: WWE, TNA, WCW I have tag teams in each brand, so I decided to add NOD to WWE Raw. However, I scrolled through all the tag teams to make sure that they were not already in the list, nope, no NOD. I scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the tag team creation screen, no NOD. Good, decided to make the team with D'lo Brown, Farooq, and Kama Mustafa. However, whenever I go through the superstar list to seletct them to be members of the team, they are not available to be selected (they do not show up). Yet, I play matches in Universe Mode, there they are in singles matches. I am stymied as to why this is so. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. "they're already there" really? where? the individual members of the team are there but not the team collectively. At least, not in my list they're not.
  11. I have tried numerous times in Universe Mode to create the tag team "Nation of Domination" with the trio of Kama Mustafa, D'lo Brown, and Farooq. Unfortuantely, I am unable to do so, as everytime I try to make them in the tag team section of Universe Mode they do not appear in the list of superstars. Any help would be greatly appreciated....
  12. Nope, they aren't. They work properly. I did not know it was that button that allowed me to edit matches, because there is no on screen prompt to indicate that, I will try that. Thank you.
  13. Ok, here is my problem as best as I can describe it: I managed to acquire a bunch of CAWS for use in my universe mode. I situated them into the shows/brands I wanted them in, then began to play the respective shows. Only problem is, I cannot seem to edit a single match. I have turned off rivalries and the other options (royal rumble, undertaker, etc) to give myself full control of the match setups, and still am unable to edit a single one. I would really love to set up my own really cool dream type matches but WWE2K15 is really trying my fricken patience. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (I am using a PS4, by the way)
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