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  1. Competition is probably the only way to create change in the NFL, to be honest. Especially if these leagues are successful.
  2. Finally got my girlfriend into a video game. I feel like I deserve some kind of reward after hearing the "I don't like video games" excuse.
  3. I mean, the thread usually dies after the super bowl anyways.
  4. Ready for another fixed Super Bowl, and their illuminati half time show.
  5. Congrats. Always lovely. Especially when they are your boss.
  6. An asshole that I work with is leaving my store. What a wonderful day.
  7. Won an Amazon Fire Stick at work from a raffle I had no idea about.
  8. He is a big headed billionaire that thinks he can run any company he wants because he has the money to do it. He may be a businessman, but he is a ring rat. Keep doing what he is good at before he loses more money. Unless he just isn't confident in the future of the WWE.
  9. It is a good thing that I am free to speak about whatever I please. Vince will see once this fails... again.
  10. Very cool! That game's at the top of my Amazon wish list for the holidays, so... *fingers crossed* I am having a lot of fun with it. The game is gorgeous.
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