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  1. Finally got my girlfriend into a video game. I feel like I deserve some kind of reward after hearing the "I don't like video games" excuse.
  2. I mean, the thread usually dies after the super bowl anyways.
  3. Ready for another fixed Super Bowl, and their illuminati half time show.
  4. Congrats. Always lovely. Especially when they are your boss.
  5. An asshole that I work with is leaving my store. What a wonderful day.
  6. Won an Amazon Fire Stick at work from a raffle I had no idea about.
  7. Very cool! That game's at the top of my Amazon wish list for the holidays, so... *fingers crossed* I am having a lot of fun with it. The game is gorgeous.
  8. Nice, man! I wish I had the extra cash, I would definitely upgrade. I bought Horizon: Zero Dawn on sale for $24.99. Downloading it while I am working, so excited to play it when I get home. These sales are killin' me.
  9. Bought Madden 18 for 30 dollars, The Nathan Drake collection for 7 dollars, and my girlfriend bought me WWE2K18 for my Birthday.
  10. Work bought lunch, so on my way home from work, I gave my sandwich that I made to a homeless man. Made sure he wasn't allergic to mayonnaise first.
  11. We have our first showing today for a little cottage up in the moutains. I am so excited!
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