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  1. Finally got my girlfriend into a video game. I feel like I deserve some kind of reward after hearing the "I don't like video games" excuse.
  2. Congrats. Always lovely. Especially when they are your boss.
  3. An asshole that I work with is leaving my store. What a wonderful day.
  4. Won an Amazon Fire Stick at work from a raffle I had no idea about.
  5. Very cool! That game's at the top of my Amazon wish list for the holidays, so... *fingers crossed* I am having a lot of fun with it. The game is gorgeous.
  6. Nice, man! I wish I had the extra cash, I would definitely upgrade. I bought Horizon: Zero Dawn on sale for $24.99. Downloading it while I am working, so excited to play it when I get home. These sales are killin' me.
  7. Bought Madden 18 for 30 dollars, The Nathan Drake collection for 7 dollars, and my girlfriend bought me WWE2K18 for my Birthday.
  8. Work bought lunch, so on my way home from work, I gave my sandwich that I made to a homeless man. Made sure he wasn't allergic to mayonnaise first.
  9. We have our first showing today for a little cottage up in the moutains. I am so excited!
  10. Moving to Colorado Springs. Currently resting in Lincoln Nebraska. New start. I am excited!
  11. Last day of work in Wisconsin is September 23rd, then I will be transfered to Colorado Springs!
  12. Went camping this weekend, and tubing. Had a blast. Nothing like smoking blunts down the river.
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