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  1. Yeah. Still a bit upset Ice Climbers are out (maybe for the time being), but here's to hoping for DLC. It'd be cool if there's like an incentive of some sort when someone links their 3DS game to the Wii U version like secret characters or something, but I doubt it... However, Duck Hunt Dog looks surprisingly sweet gameplay-wise and his Final Smash is pretty damn awesome.
  2. That face. Best In The World 2013 is shaping up to be a really cool show...
  3. That literally scared me when I first saw it. All the reason to respect Adam Cole even more. That match was awesome...especially watching it live...If Cole needs time off to heal wounds, by all means... Just came home from the show...it was a crazy experience especially sitting in the lower balcony...
  4. Are you guys having trouble watching Border Wars? I can't see the video to save my life. ROH's website is acting up and I'm getting really pissed...
  5. It was a pleasure knowing you, my friend.

  6. They should. They really should give him a match...

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