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  1. Some of the Guest Host stuff from like circa 2009 were pretty cringeworthy to watch. I always saw those as those type of things were it was kind of hard defending it as a wrestling / sports entertainment fan even when some of my friends were bashing it. Plus, the obligatory YouTube comments and from wrestling news websites. I swear it feels like my IQ drops 10 points after reading those comments.
  2. That face. Best In The World 2013 is shaping up to be a really cool show...
  3. That match was awesome. Props to both men for such an occasion. This picture right here is really awesome. Like a family affair...
  4. It took me almost of my strength preventing myself from crying that night...I couldn't do it. I just lost it. This was a good show...
  5. No lie...These set of pics are too damn smooth...
  6. That literally scared me when I first saw it. All the reason to respect Adam Cole even more. That match was awesome...especially watching it live...If Cole needs time off to heal wounds, by all means... Just came home from the show...it was a crazy experience especially sitting in the lower balcony...
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