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    60s: I Try- Angella Boffil 70s: Inside My Love- Minnie Ripperton 80s: Smooth Criminal- Alien Antfarm (lol!) 90s: Trying to See Another Day- Isley Brothers
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  1. He should have been fired for trying to look at this situation logically, and being as respectful as possible? What the hell is that? People can't have dissenting opinions anymore? The way I see it, this isn't even a civil rights issue yet. This is about fairness. We've already come to the conclusion that it isn't fair for men and women to compete against each other in MMA. Here's the question we should be asking: is hormonal therapy enough to offset the physical advantages a fighter who was born and lived 26 years as a man has over a female fighter. I don't really know, but I certainly have my doubts. There's not enough transgender fighters for something like that to make sense. As far as we know, Fallon is the only one.
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