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  1. Impact running out of fans so now they are paying people to pretend they are.
  2. What's this referencing? https://twitter.com/totaldivaseps/status/912123648458313728 ^ LMAO!
  3. Before Cathy came to WWE she talked about her sexual fantasies with Finn Balor on the Afterbuzz show.
  4. Finn Balor is apparently dating Cathy Kelley.
  5. It took WWE and Mattel this long to release an Elite Charlotte. Not saying this to troll or anything but it doesn't even look like her. Mattel doesn't really do a good job on the faces. Jakks did better faces but put less effort on the rest of the figure. Can't win. If only we would get both good faces and attire details together more often.
  6. My god GFW once again renamed to Impact Wrestling.
  7. For the love of god can this company die already?
  8. They don't need it since GFW translates to Global Force Wrestling.
  9. That can still happen but maybe a feud without the title or a Triple Threat for the title.
  10. http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/791705-another-tna-talent-finished-with-the-company#txUedCsoVpBzS7xq.99 Raquel is done with TNA.
  11. Did we see the final TNA World Champion ever?
  12. I hope there are other costumes in the game. I don't like the new one.
  13. Replacement that fast? They must have had this as a backup in case.
  14. Tamina Naomi, Alicia Fox. Or none of them. That article I posted was written by me. Took me about 2 minutes to write it, whack some quotation tags around it, and voila! Another bullshit story spread onto the internet which people immediately took as the truth, just like the dirtsheets do on a daily basis. I have no idea if Cody and Eden are looking to start a family. I don't know if Eden is leaving WWE with Cody. I don't know if there'll be more releases next week. I don't know if those releases will be female talents, male talents, or a "top star". I literally just made it all up off the top of my head. Moral of the story, kids... Stop believing everything you read on the internet. It amazes me that in the year 2016 people are still taking everything they read on the dirtsheets as the gospel truth. Although I see what you were doing and agree, we don't allow "fake" articles to be postedThat'll be the only time, I just wanted to have a little fun That was mean trolling us.
  15. Tamina Naomi, Alicia Fox.
  16. Hmm so WWE are thinking about releasing Ryback and Adam Rose.
  17. Yeah I don't see her coming back to wrestling.
  18. Star Wars already being ruined by Disney because they erased the Princess Leia's bikini scene.
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