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  1. Impact running out of fans so now they are paying people to pretend they are.
  2. Yeah about that a group of Pakistani bootleggers made the belt and offered GFW to use them. GFW was close to using them at a PPV but sided not to. Good thing they didn't or WWE would be suing them for it.
  3. What's this referencing? https://twitter.com/totaldivaseps/status/912123648458313728 ^ LMAO!
  4. WVIP

    Today I Learned...

    Before Cathy came to WWE she talked about her sexual fantasies with Finn Balor on the Afterbuzz show.
  5. WVIP

    Today I Learned...

    Finn Balor is apparently dating Cathy Kelley.
  6. It took WWE and Mattel this long to release an Elite Charlotte. Not saying this to troll or anything but it doesn't even look like her. Mattel doesn't really do a good job on the faces. Jakks did better faces but put less effort on the rest of the figure. Can't win. If only we would get both good faces and attire details together more often.
  7. Then the company will be renamed as WCPW.
  8. My god GFW once again renamed to Impact Wrestling.
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