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  1. It sucks 2K couldn't get the likeness of certain Wrestlers (Angle, Mysterio, He Who Shall Not Be Named), Lesnar's Showcase Mode would've been awesome.
  2. They also apparently darkened his hair as it no longer looks brown like it did when they first showed gameplay with him.
  3. I'll miss Bad News Barrett the most,he had so much potential and WWE squandered it.
  4. With reports from people that have played the game saying the Phenomenal Forearm is just the Springboard Forearm from last year I hope for a True Phenomenal Forearm in the New Moves DLC. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1FWV8njUEw
  5. Doubtful as WWE makes the call as to who makes it in the game and who doesn't and I doubt there are people knocking down their door asking for Almas, Dillinger and Samson to be in their game.
  6. Like the Topic's Title says, who will be your Champions in WWE 2K17? RAW: Universal (CAC): Finn Balor United States: Rusev Women's: Bayley Tag Team: The Club (CAW if they aren't DLC) SmackDown: World Heavyweight: AJ Styles Intercontinental: Apollo Crews (When his DLC is made available for non-NXT Edition buyers) Women's (CAC): Becky Lynch Tag Team (CAC): The Vaudevillains NXT: NXT Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura (When his DLC is made available for non-NXT Edition buyers) Women's: Ember Moon (CAW) Tag Team: Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano (CAW if they aren't DLC)
  7. Possible: -Austin Aries -Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson -Mojo Rawley -No Way Jose Doubtful: -Primo and Epico -Andrade Cien Almas -Elias Samson -Tye Dillinger -Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano
  8. Rhino is the biggest headscratcher of the missing Wrestlers as he's been back in WWE since Late 2014.
  9. Sony can legit suck my *censored*, I wanted to be able to play WWE 2K15 with the DLC all day but no their bullshit PSN Store having to update bullshit.
  10. PSN is updating which means we wont be able to get the DLC until at the earliest 2 pm EST because Sony are a bunch of user unfriendly retards.
  11. Well it's not and I've tried Rebooting my 2K15 copy and my PS4 several times. PSN hasn't updated yet. Relax. Screw you and *Censored* Sony.
  12. Legit *Censored* Sony, I booted up my PS4 hoping to play with the new DLC all day only to find its not up in the PSN Store yet. *Censored* them up the ass.
  13. Well it's not and I've tried Rebooting my 2K15 copy and my PS4 several times.
  14. I just got home from work, expecting to be able to sit down and play WWE 2k15 with the new DLC especially Paige only to find its not there. What the *Censored*?!
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