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  1. Just watched the 2nd episode of Batwoman. Still early but it seems good so far. Also watched 2nd episode of Season 5 for Supergirl, I feel like there was too much going on in this episode. They need to focus on 1 or 2 things per episode, I lose interest with too much going on. Not enough focus on Kara being Supergirl.
  2. Yeah it's not a great cover. Way too much of a closeup, could be like the statue that comes with the collector's edition or her whole body.
  3. Pre-ordered the Collector's edition today! Now for the wait...
  4. Control, got it back on release day but haven't got into it much yet. Really good so far, just finished the 3rd mission I believe.
  5. Figured it out, going to go either today or tomorrow to pre-order the collector's edition.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=II5UsqP2JAk We finally have a release date! February 21, 2020!!! Also apparently I don't remember how to post a youtube video on here. Thought I just put the link in the post & it would show up automatically but guess not because I tried that.
  7. You can change your PSN name now but it might cause problems with certain games. All the information can be found at https://coid.support.playstation.com/s/?language=en_US. I would like to change mine but can't because what I want is already taken I guess, have tried different combinations of things & none are available. Might just stick with what I have unless I can think of something that I like & is available.
  8. When I read Anderson in the topic title, I instantly thought of Karl Anderson but then remembered it is Arn. I was worried for a minute.
  9. Hideo Itami is gone also. https://www.wwe.com/article/hideo-itami-released?sf208210765=1
  10. Game crashes everytime I try to delete a 2nd attire from a Sasha Banks I downloaded. Really only want the 1st attire but can live with it.
  11. Will definitely be getting Shadow of the Tomb Raider & that new The Quiet Man game looked interesting from what little was shown. Can't wait for the Playstation conference tonight!
  12. HugLife

    Days Gone

    Release date is February 22, 2019
  13. Injustice 2, got back into when they increased the fighters level to 30, been working on increasing levels of all fighters & always doing multiverse events.
  14. Enchantress is coming soon, she looks fun to play as. More fighters is always a good thing.
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