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Status Updates posted by ridikkuluss

  1. Hey! Could you by any chance send me the formula for your Traci Brookes CAW? It's amazing :)

  2. Noway! Noice ;) Im glad there are people like yourselves to make amzing CAWS for us lol! Keep me informed on how your CAWS are coming along yeah? :)

  3. Awh I see! I'm useless at the paint tool lol

    Hopefully you'll do one eventually, your awesome :-) We need more Shimmer and Indy girls imo

    Any others you're thinking of doing :)

  4. Hey! Love all you Shimmer CAWS! There amazing :)

    Planning on doing anymore? There's no good Daffneys on PSN atm ^^

  5. Naw. I miss your old Natalya Pic :)

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