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  1. After various attempts, here's how I was finally able to cash-in mid match in Universe mode. I created a women's championship singles match on SmackDown, and I made sure that the competitors weren't involved in any rivalry. This allowed me to cash-in as the MITB holder from the pause menu and turn the match into a triple threat. However, I had to restart the initial singles match three times because the cash-in glitched twice. Putting your opponent through the announcer's table glitches the cash-in, and sometimes the briefcase holder comes out, teases cashing in, and walks away.
  2. It finally worked. I don't understand what I did right this time, but it was bugging before. I am going to try this next.
  3. They're not. Lana doesn't even show up in the list when I'm choosing rivals, and she's the champion currently. She won't even have automatic rivalries anymore.
  4. Has anyone encountered a glitch in Universe mode where certain superstars can't be put into rivalries anymore? This has been an on-going issue for me. I made sure that they're not already in a feud and are on the right show.
  5. I'm late to the party so I'm sorry if this was clarified before. I didn't make any changes to the default MITB ppv, and I have two briefcase holders in my Universe, but I have no idea how to cash-in mid-match (to turn it into a triple threat) or even after a match. The only option available is to announce the cash-in beforehand. During a title match between champion and challenger, the cash-in option in the pause menu is blacked out. Am I doing something wrong here or do I have to be very specific about the match type and stuff? Any help is appreciated!
  6. Although I wasn't asking for the Towers mode, on further reflection, I imagine it would provide a nice challenge, and that's good enough for a mode that wasn't supposed to be very ambitious in the first place. I think I'll have fun with it. I hope the unlockables are good. It is. Nothing added really.Awesome!! With the new 5, 6 and 8 man match types this should be pretty awesome I am still wondering, and hoping, that you can turn elimination on in those matches or make it into falls count anywhere/2 out of 3 falls.
  7. Gargano continues feuding with Ciampa in NXT until he loses again and gets injured. Ciampa moves on to SmackDown and becomes World champion in six months, only to be interrupted by a returning and main-roster debuting Johnny Gargano. ... and then the week after Gargano's title win, it is revealed he was the one who injured Aleister Black on NXT, to take him out of the title picture. Can we get create-a-sory again? Next - Batista
  8. So does anyone know if the fatal five way or triple threat tag match are customizable via create-a-match? I'm wondering if you could make it falls count anywhere, two out of three falls or elimination style. Won't be a deal breaker, but I'm curious.
  9. Really happy about having sliders which can adjust crowd reaction and heel/face status separately.
  10. There was something regarding a new auto reversals feature a few pages back, has there been any more detail on it? How exactly does it work? What I got out of it was that reversal limit is only applied to signatures and finishers now, but I could be wrong.
  11. I guess the cricket sound is quite fitting then lol
  12. So do we get a third model for Chris Jericho, based on his nxt match against Daniel Bryan?
  13. Also just realized that there's a slight possibility that we get a tag team entrance for Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn, that'd be neat. Has there been any word on match creator yet? I hope it's more flexible.
  14. Can't believe they went through the process of giving us a new attire for Edge. That's awesome.
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