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  1. I’ve not bought a WWE game for years, I’m thinking about picking this up. Simply because I’ve skipped so many that it might feel fresh. That said if the AEW game comes out close to 2K23 I’d buy that instead. It’s reminding me of HCTP, and that’s all I’ve wanted WWE games to replicate for years
  2. whys your topic become theirs???? you handled it well last year it seems a bit random,

  3. Its important to be stoned.

  4. welcome to caws.ws you have only been here one day and already left more post's than Tank :)

  5. oh yah i changed my name from TH3_V1PER to this just figured i would let you know

  6. no wucking forries MugenWarrior-Kun, cheers for posting em

  7. thx for tht message srry i got to it late

  8. sweet cheers dude the bong juggler is styling and profiling :)

  9. where you been dude?

  10. cheers TH3_V1P3R cool sig i would use it but sadly its too large still looks stunning though :)

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