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--The Mental--

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  1. I would love to see Kofi finally win a World Title, he deserves at least a transitional 1 month reign or similar.
  2. I put the World Heavyweight Title on RAW and the Hardcore Title as a Midcard Belt on 205 Live. The rest remain unchanged.
  3. They should really fix the lightning on the championship belts, most of them look too dark in comparison with their real life counterparts.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm back on the forums after like 5 years I would love to see improved weapon physics(similar to the ones on SVR 2011), and the having the weapon wheel available on Hell in a Cell matches. It's silly that they removed the basic weapons you could use inside the cell like in previous games on WWE 2K19. Also, they should add more templates of old arenas on Create an Arena. There are many arenas with iconic designs that can't be replicated with the currently available parts/templates.
  5. Finally!!! I've not been able to afford a PS4 yet so this comes handy
  6. I´m really impresed by the accuracy of the models this year! At least they got something right
  7. Yet,the HCTP Angle Triple German Suplex hasn't been reanimated Even on next gen!!!
  8. At least that Vince looks better than the botox face model from the previous games
  9. Did you hear it during the gameplay videos posted in this and the other topic?Haven't had time to watch them yet lol
  10. It's the random "Yeahhhhhhh" chant during a match gone?
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