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  1. Lonesome Dove cuz... look it up.
  2. The Gotham City screwjob. In the original script Batman was supposed to break Banes back but the director had Bane do it to Batman instead, and who was going to play Alfred, Jimmy Hart?
  3. St valentines and st Patricks stuff already in stores. Ridiculous!
  4. Tomorrow will be another day cuz. Actually it will be another year. Hang in there.
  5. Yeah I played online the day after Christmas and the snow was gone.
  6. Is the guy on the left related to Stone Cold cause it looks just like him?
  7. Probably gonna play some Dead Rising 4. It has a Christmas theme to it lol
  8. This game has a funny way of keeping you hooked. Theoretically there's nothing left for me to do in singleplayer mode anymore, yet I have spent hours the last week or so just riding around as John going from town to town just to get a shave and change clothes lol. It's like I'm living for the sake of living in this game, no other objective but just to exist.
  9. Does one of the new single player exclusive side-missions include getting F'd in the A?
  10. You don't rape John Marston dude. He's too nice of a guy. I'm gonna make it my mission in this game to find that cabin again and shoot that guy dead.
  11. So I have no *censored*ing idea if I just got raped or not in this game lol. It happened in the bayou area, some creepy dude invited me to come into his cabin, knocked me out cold and then dumped me in the middle of nowhere with some money missing and who knows what else. Probably the most upsetting thing that's happened to me so far besides finding that guy who *censored*ed a sheep. I don't think I want to play this game anymore.
  12. Fight the system brah. Don't let them meter monkeys get you like that.
  13. With the bulk of that thing it better be able to upload and save mp3s Like the first 2 xboxes.
  14. You know what guys I can honestly say 2019 was the best year in my 37 years of life. I started a new job thats paid me the most so far, I got a GF for the first time in years, and I addressed some health issues that had been making my life hell. Plus I got all my family and friends alive and well. I truly hope to build on all that in 2020.
  15. I saw one at Target yesterday for this same price when I was in the store. I was tempted to get it but...I already have all the Genesis games on my PC plus I have the Sega Genesis collection on Steam.
  16. Not sure why but my game never looks like this.
  17. Will probably get MK 11 and maybe God of War for PS4
  18. Really frustrated right now with the girl I've been going out with for the last 4 months. Too many lies and just not having any fun at the moment.
  19. Same. My tire was flat as all hell out of nowhere after getting home from the dentist. Lucily there's a tire place a block from my house. The tire was fairly new, less than a year old so they patched it up for $20.
  20. Thoroughly enjoying RE2 remake. Wish they did this with RE4.
  21. Because, at least to me, they all resemble him a bit somehow, from the facial features and hair to how they dress. Except I don't see any tattoos on any of them.
  22. Feels like I walked into a CM Punk convention.
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