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  1. I actually still have my original Sega Genesis with the Sonic the Hedgehog game that came packed with it. Hanging on to it more so for sentimental reasons than for value.
  2. I thought about being a teacher for a while but there's always the possibility that you get the class from hell on any given year and then it just sucks.
  3. Yeah that crotch thing on the Batman Inc suit makes it look like he's wearing some type of medieval chastity belt lol.
  4. Dammit my phone company keeps charging me 4 times the amount for monthly services. This is the second time they do this shit!
  5. Well Ill be youre right. Looks like a half sheep, half pig cross-breed of some sort.
  6. ok, i actually did come across that before. its a sheep though not a pig. did you loot the sheep? Lol no, look at the pic WNX posted, it's clearly a big fat pig. I guess theres another guy somewhere else doing the same shit to a sheep? And how am I going to loot a sheep lol? I can skin it. The guy does have a gold wedding band you can take but I already have enough of those so l left it on him.
  7. My only question is why are they both dead?
  8. Is Arkham Knight out for PS+ members yet? I agree though, that suit is awesome, and Batman Inc as well, but I just like using the main suit from the game because it looks like armor, especially the one you get when you pass the game that is scratch resistant.
  9. I mean it all depends how often you concede them too. If you give up 30 goals in the first game of the season, and then only give up 1 each game after that you're still gonna end up giving up like 60 goals for the year, but technically aside from that one game your defense would be considered pretty good.
  10. In today's society I really believe we are all afflicted with some form of mental illness or should I say instability. I work in this type of field and see it in a few of my clients, but I'm gonna tell you right now, I ain't too well myself. I often feel severely depressed, and while I would never do anything to hurt myself I have begun to understand why some people do drastic things to end it all. The mere thought of stopping the agony must be too hard to pass by. Just hope people would get the help they need before it gets to that point.
  11. ^Seriously man, someone find it. I need to know I'm not seeing shit.
  12. Got tired of playing my PS4, so I hooked up my 360 again. Memories.
  13. lol no, where did you see that? If I recall correctly, look at the map. Where it says New Hanover there are some little houses just under the "A" in Hanover. Go into them, preferably at night as I did and you will see this. Cannot unsee it though.
  14. These two teams always put on a good match vs each other.
  15. Would be cool if they got The Mask to appear as well.
  16. ^ This is America. Unfortunately here freedom of speech and purchasing a ticket give you so many liberties regardless of whether they are hurting other people or not.
  17. Yeah the DLC was really cheap like $5. I thought about buying fire promotor but then I realized I would have to play the game again lol.
  18. Uhm, you still have 8 weeks left of summer break? I see you live in LA, most schools are getting ready to start again here.
  19. If it prevents a league from turning into La Liga or one of the top flight leagues in Europe than it can't be that bad. The last thing I want is for one team, even if it is my team I root for (LA Galaxy) to be the only one realistically to have a shot at the league title. La Liga is garbage when Barcelona will be the only one with a legit shot at being champs.
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