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  1. Honestly I feel like if the WWE games (and WWE in general) were really good again this place would see more action like in the old days.
  2. Yeah this whole worship the mentally unstable old guy closest to dying mentality really is shortsighted if you think about it. If the Republicans think their party can't move forward without Trump, who's gonna be 80 I believe by the time he's able to run for president again, then the party has nothing going for it. Even the young up and coming "rock stars" of the Republican party all cling to antiquated ideals and lunatic conspiracy theories. It's no wonder the party that clings to old ideals and refuses to embrace progress fanatically idolizes a lunatic old man.
  3. You have to give up your dignity to be a part of the republican party these days. I believe Trump shat on and called them all names, not to mention the whole capitol riot thing, and pretty much all of them still bow down to Trump. Imagine if the Democrats still considered Obama or even Bill Clinton their unquestioned leader!
  4. Also this: https://www.yahoo.com/news/sen-lindsey-graham-says-gop-165700253.html Must be pretty sad to pledge your allegiance to one individual instead of the country and it's people.
  5. Of course they are. They were the party who's leader was fawning over dictators like Putin and Kim Jong-Un among others while shitting on democracy. Republicans want this country to become a monarchy of sorts with Trump or a Trump-like personality at the helm and no way for the people to have their voices heard. The real dark times may be ahead if republicans get away with this shit.
  6. I'd say the homeless crisis is a big deal here, plus he just released something like 75,000 dangerous criminals early for some reason. That won't help matters.
  7. Biden looks like a giant there. Would have made Trumps tiny hands look massive if Carter actually liked him and let him come over lol
  8. Sadly it's not how trash-ass the candidates in the race are, it's how trash the voters are as we've seen in recent years.
  9. But he's the healthiest president we've ever had lol. Yeah, it's sad because what one side does the other side will do as well to stay in power. Out here in Cali the governor has a good chance of getting voted out in a recall election but I feel like the Dems will figure something out to keep him in power, even if enough people would vote against him.
  10. Seems the new motto for the republican party going forward is "if you can't beat them, lie about them"." I'm sure more lies will be made up about re-counts in other states and the next candidate, whether it's Trump again or someone else, will run on simply "they stole the election from us!"
  11. Trump surrounded himself with crooks and sexual deviants and then made it seemed like it was his opponents who were the ones who were engaging in this behavior. Also FOX News may have a ton of lawsuits buidling up against them if guys like Tucker Carlson continue to spew false information such the Covid vaccine not being effective and telling his viewers to harrass anyone they see wearing a mask.
  12. I'm pretty sure businesses will still be able to fire people for what they say on social media if it violates their policies, assuming you work for a privately owned business and not for that state or local goverment. Schools belong to the state and have to adhere by state rules. I'm sure Target or Walmart can still fire you for going on Facebook and dropping N-words about your co-workers and what not. We'll see though, I may be completely wrong on this though.
  13. My brothers a cop. He's a good guy with a family. In 20 years on the job he's never killed anyone, never been on the news for doing something he shouldn't be doing. There's a lot more like him out there, as a social worker I deal with cops a lot and they are on the same page with me trying to help out our community, it's just so easy to watch the news and assume that all cops are bad just because the only times they're on the news now is for something horrible. And for the last damn time, no one's abolishing cops lol. It's a really stupid concept. Let's stop wasting time with this bulls#it and start thinking of actual solutions that actually have a chance in hell of happening.
  14. Remember that old saying on caws, "never remove, only improve". Ditto for cops.
  15. Classic ECW had as good a roster in it's prime in the mid to late 90's as any major promotion in US history. I'm not even talking talent wise but just names and personalities; RVD, Tazz, Dreamer, Sabu, Malenko, Sandman, Rey Misterio, Eddie, Benoit, Shane Douglas, Raven, Terry Funk...and all in their prime, not washed up has-beens...it's quite impressive if you think about it for such a small regional promotion.
  16. I can see it now; police is gone, people are doing drugs freely on the streets. Assault, rape, theft skyrocket because there is no one left to stop this shit. Oh yeah and gun sales will go up like one million percent without cops because more people are gonna have to rely on themselves for protection. It sounds apocalyptic I know, but let's be real, people aren't gonna suddenly be nice and well-behaved if cops just suddenly disappear. Cops exist because of criminals, not the other way around.
  17. Also for the people thinking social workers should be sent in to de-escalate situations rather than cops good luck with that! I'm a social worker and we aint doing that s#!t, we can barely do a home visit unless we get approval from out supervisor and we aren't even properly trained to deal with people, it's mostly case management we do. The police need to have a trained crisis unit that specializes in situations that require de-escalation rather than arrest or fighting crime.
  18. There won't be a need to "abolish" cops the way things are going I can't see a good reason why anyone would want to become a cop these days. I'm pretty sure it's a job that will be decreasing in numbers going forward.
  19. From the same people that brought you "Kung Flu" and "China virus". This is why I will never take Rebublicans seriously again.
  20. Completely disagree. Looks more like a little girl.
  21. Sad to see what's become of the Republican party, even sadder to see that they still have plenty of support.
  22. Was playing the Tranformers games recently, Devastation and Fall of Cybertron. Really good and different in their own right.
  23. Samurai Showdown 2019. My favorite fighting game atm.
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