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  1. Eurocup= farmers tournament. Where are the global powerhouses like USA, Canada, China, and India?
  2. Hopefully they counter-sue for him using their platform to incite violence and spread lies.
  3. That orangutan is still holding rallies? For what?!
  4. TBH in that case I'd just wait for the series x unless you can get a discount for trading the S for an X lol.
  5. Honestly right now Honestly right now with the shortage of graphics cards the Xbox Series S for $300 is looking like a great deal. It can emulate everything from 16bit era to PS2 and Wii. That means a lot of wrestling games like the SvR series and Day of Reckoning, and No Mercy. Would be cool if they later sold an external disc drive for it or even a way to link it to your PC for modding and external memory.
  6. I'm guessing your testicles are doing better then? lol
  7. GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming X SG Luckily my computer had integrated graphics processor on the motherboard so I can still play emulators such as N64 and Gamecube and certain 2D games steam games.
  8. My graphics card crapped out yesterday. Worst possible time for it to happen too with everything so expensive and out of stock. Now I can't play anything on my computer but 2D games.
  9. I feel like WWE is the minor leagues in reverse lol. They take talent and make them huge names in the wrestling world and then release them so other companies can swoop them up with an already established name, all the while they get paid better than in other promotions lol. Rusev, Lana, Enzo, Braun ect., these guys were pretty much unknown before WWE and then all got to the top at WWE at some point in some way before suddenly and abruptly being let go by the company. That's a sweet deal to be honest.
  10. So to recap in the span of like a week lol: Some house republicans voted against Juneteenth holiday, voted against honoring the police who tried to stop the capital riots, and voted against an investigation to find out who was behind those riots. All this on top of the still ongoing bogus Arizona vote recounts and their raging war against the Covid vaccine. And I know I'm leaving out a whole lot more. And people wonder why a lot of us voted Democrat. It's not because we are 100% with the Democratic party and it's values, it because the Repubs are so batshit insane we cannot vote for them in good conscious. Clean up your act Republicans, act decent and with integrity if you really wanna attract voters, don't just pander to the Trumpanzee crowd!
  11. I can top that, 14 republicans voted against the Juneteenth national holiday proposal. I mean at this point Hunter Biden should be a hero to them for using the N-word lol
  12. Something tells me someone else dresses him, otherwise he would have noticed his pants are not on right.
  13. Yeah I already know pretty much what he's thinking which is "duh, what can I tweet today to rile up my base and stir some shit up". We don't need him doing that anymore, there's plenty of crazy like-minded people left in office for the Republicans who are still doing this.
  14. Too bad political candidates don't have to pass some sort of mental competency test, because that would eliminate most of these kooks from being elected into office.
  15. Oh how I wish BLM or Antifa stormed the capital themselves and got inside, if only to see how Republicans would react. Also not entirely sure what's going on in Texas but the Repubiclans failed to pass a bill that " would have banned both drive-thru voting and 24-hour voting; imposed new restrictions on absentee voting; granted broad new autonomy and authority to partisan poll watchers; and increased punishments for mistakes or offenses by election officials." This seems super shady and no doubt it's a way for them to mess with the ballots in their favor.
  16. Yeah I could have sworn most of the QAnon cooks and some republican senators said without the shadow of a doubt it was Antifa disguised as Trump supporters because you know "Trump supporters aren't violent"...lol Now that they have a chance to catch Antifa in the act they say no because it's all a lie and pretty much they know the truth and it wouldn't look good for Trump backers.
  17. The Republican party is the biggest threat to democracy and basic freedom in this country and it's scary how so many people still support them. Republicans oppose taxing the rich, which in turn means we regular Americans have to bear the brunt of the tax system. They want to make voting more difficult for minorities for no GOOD reason whatsoever. They tried to privatize public education and make good education only available to those who can afford it. Same with healthcare; we grubs have to choose between a new iphone and health insurance. And I won't even go into all the criminal investigations going on right now with current and former members of the party.
  18. The streak needed to end though. As a promoter you don't want to have one guy be undeafeated that many matches at WM, at least now it gives fans a feint hope that another wrestler can come along and build up a streak of their own, and while realistically no one will ever come close to Takers streak, at least they can build a storyline around it if a guy gets to 10-0 or something close to that. Having Taker retire at like 32-0 or however many matches he had would have made it hard to follow up for anyone else.
  19. Actually that's probably what these people want, their very own Hitler.
  20. Or they could bring in his "son" to NXT and call him Johnny Bonkers, the modern clown of WWE.
  21. I guess Republicans want to unravel our democracy and drag us backwards then.
  22. Some more here: https://www.yahoo.com/news/ted-cruz-walks-gun-violence-165100376.html Why is Ted Cruz still in the position he's in? Who are the idiots that vote for him? Does he actually help anyone? We saw during the hurricane he left Texas and bailed on his people to go to Mexico, and it was his own policies that caused Texas to be so unprepared for the hurricane. Now he's trying to stand up for people making their own guns which actually puts more people at risk then it does help anyone. The guys a clown. I had already lost all respect for him after Trump insulted his wife and dad repeatedly and he still kissed up to him and continues to do so.
  23. Also this lol: https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/newsmax-rob-finnerty-david-litt-dominion-151635278.html Wish more lawsuits happen to all the TV personalities primarily on FOX spreading false information about everything from the election to guns to COVID19. If there's one thing that changes minds among the rich and elite it's the fear of losing money.
  24. Honestly, this seems to happen every time a Democrat is running the state, which is almost always lol. The pockets of conservatives in southern Cal always seem to sit outside Walmarts and other stores to collect signatures to have a recall and I guess this year because of Covid, the homeless crisis, and Newsome's own bad personal choices the recall suceeded. I think it only takes something like 1.5 million signatures to have a recall so in a state of 40 million people that is a pretty easy thing to do. Of course, the Dems could use dirty tactics as well and say a lot of those signatures were forged, but I don't think they are as dirty as the Republicans to go that route.
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