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  1. I seen someone recommend Nova Ukraine on facebook they take paypal. I'm gonna check that out.
  2. I've been mainly playing Ghost of Tsushima since I got it Christmas week. Pretty good pickup, wish it had a training mode or fighting game mode.
  3. WWE is development for AEW lol. WWE does all the training and marketing and then they let them go. AEW can just pick up any releases already trained and with a name to them. WWE is just straight up dumb right now.
  4. AEW will snatch up Regal no doubt. His kind of leadership and experience backstage will be huge for that young roster.
  5. What I really want to know is what are these morons going to do when Trump dies, because he ain't gonna live forever. Are they gonna just worship a golden statue of him or something?
  6. I think Q'ers are just trying to be agents of chaos and say the supidest shit on purpose to disrupt the establishment. No way in hell that they can actually believe the stuff they say.
  7. RDR Undead Nightmare on PSnow. Great playing this again, truly the best DLC game ever made. Too bad it's not downloadable on PSnow. Sucks to play it streaming, everything struggles to load in real time.
  8. So the verdict tells us that we can go down to any protest or mass gathering, i.e, a Trump Rally for example, armed, and completely opposing views and opinions to everyone else, stir up some shit, and then when the rest of the people confront us we can just shoot them? Am I wrong here? I must be because this sounds completely bat shit crazy!
  9. Worst it it's always usually some little kid with a headset who you can barely make out what they're saying. Always causing shit to ruin your fun. Immature *censored*s!
  10. I was playing RDR2 online, grinding and trying to get all the Halloween stuff...and then the annoying kids with headsets started popping up and shooting me for no good reason. Needless to say I'm back to single player mode.
  11. I've only played the first game and while I didn't notice any woke crap yet, I was extremely turned off by how there seemed to be a cut scene after every two minutes or so. I'm not into playing interactive movies. Days Gone much much better.
  12. Smackdown vs Raw 2007, still holds up today.
  13. Lets face it fellas, WWE is just developmental for AEW lol
  14. I thought he was but I don't follow WWE anymore. I thought since he appeared in WWE Battlegrounds and he was involved in the angle with Natalia vs Charlotte that he was under a legends contract. Regardless I'd rather he remain with WWE and appear in their games instead. I would prefer AEW use their connection to NJPW to use more legends from Japan and some from Mexico as well, that is something WWE can't really do or would never think of doing.
  15. I'd love to see Bret Hart in this game as well but I doubt it, he still has a legends contract with WWE and he probably values that more than what AEW could give him.
  16. Yes she did, and I tried to give her everything I could. If there was one positive about the pandemic was that I got to work from home the last year or so and I would take her for a walk every day during my lunch break up until 2 weeks ago when her health declined. She loved that and so did I.
  17. Had to put my dog to sleep yesterday after almost 18 years of having her. That sucked so bad.
  18. Is Elmo doing the Elmo-bottom in that pic?
  19. Don't worry, WWE will hire him again after a few more rappers or athletes mention him or appear with him on camera.
  20. He was pretty good at taking Kurts wife tho
  21. It depends what you watch wrestling for. If you're a fan of oldschool non-theatrical wrestling then this really is a move in the right direction.
  22. Who's getting their panties in a twist about him selling paintings? is it the same nut jobs that think it's perfectly alright to go to Africa and shoot and kill endangered animals just to put the heads on their walls?
  23. The problem for the Reps is they went all-in on stupid and lost, albeit barely shamefully. And now they gotta keep going in fully-stupid because to do otherwise would be to admit they were wrong which is not something stupid people do often.
  24. Better luck next time lads.
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