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  1. No sure why regular citizens need assault rifles, I mean, the name says it all, ASSAULT rifles. You defend yourself with a handgun or shotgun. You kill multiple people or fight in wars with assault weapons. People don't really need a weapon that fires multiple rounds in a few seconds to protect themselves from common burglars or gangmembers, just fire a round into the air as a warning with your pistol and the average thug should know whats good.
  2. The same people that supported overturning Roe v Wade to end abortion because they are "pro-life" are the same ones that are also against any type of stricter gun laws despite the fact that 19 little kids just lost their lives due to gun violence. Think about that for a second...
  3. Man remember how great times were back in 2020 lol? I mean sure people were dying from Covid, but there were no mass shootings or war going on. Shows how shitty we are as s species that now that we're "back to normal" with regards to stay-at-home quarantine now we're back outside the house killing each-other in mass numbers.
  4. Are the reversals glitched, or is this really how the reversal system is this year? It seems like I don't get any reversal prompts at all sometimes in matches. Makes it more tedious to play when I have to just sit there and watch my opponent beat up on me for minutes on end before I see a reversal prompt pop up.
  5. TBHI'm already tired of the game. The freshness has worn off and because caw mode has been ruined so bad plus the crashes I feel like taking a break from it until they (hopefully) patch the game crashing bugs. Once they do that I may pick it up again but at this moment I don't want to touch that mode at all.
  6. I heard that if you uninstall the game and reinstall it it fixes this, but it took me a whole damn day to install the digital version on my PS4 so I really don't want to do it all over again.
  7. This game has more crashes than a Nascar video game. I can't really change an attire for a created wrestler anymore because it will crash.
  8. My game keep crashing when I try to change a CAW's body size. So annoying, it's happend 5 times already today. Hope this is fixed otherwise there goes another feature of this game which is useless now.
  9. It's probably too difficult for them to do it and they just said screw it lol. Sucks because it was a feature they really promoted and now we can't even use it properly.
  10. Nvm it was a regular image not a custom portrait Who uploads an Owen Hart render as a regular image and not a custom portrait anyways? lol
  11. I just tried it and it's actually possible to use renders in other areas. I put an Owen Hart render on the ring mat. This may be a possible work around to the glitch. Gonna try it and see if it erases the custom portrait when I delete unused images.
  12. That sucks. I won't use custom renders until they fix that. I wonder if you can make them register as "used" if you put them in an arena. You know like create your own arena and then put the custom renders all over the place like the ring mat, apron, ect. I'm sure there is a limit on how many images we can use but I'm not using any created arenas atm and this could be a way to bipass this bug. Let me know what ya'll think?
  13. I'm just strictly playing exhibition matches and even when I use a 75 rated guy vs someone 90 and up I still end up winning. In past games there was no way I would win this type of match especially on Legend.
  14. I thought I was the only one who thought this. It's too easy. I'm already on Legend difficulty and I haven't lost one damn match. The cpu doesn't even go for a pin on me even when it's beating me badly. It allows me to build up my finishers for some reason and I end up getting the win.
  15. Was any good reason given why they removed the cell-shading filter for arenas and big head mode? I loved those.
  16. Every time I try to download a show it crashes the game. Am I the only one?
  17. Give the liscense to Netherrealm studios. They would be perfect.
  18. So custom portraits get erased when you erase unused images in the image manager?!
  19. Bret Hart's boots in edit mode are all grey for me on PS4.
  20. I'm liking the gameplay so far but the soundtrack is absolutely awful. I'm gonna have to turn on superstars themes instead, hopefully that's an option this year.
  21. I think I'm gonna get the base digital version on PS4 and then gradually buy the DLC along the way as it becomes cheaper, that way I got stuff to look forward to for months to come. I cannot justify spending 70 and up for any other versions.
  22. I played the hell out of this since early December when I got it on sale but now I feel burned out from it. This usually happens to me where I play a game and get pretty far into it to almost be able to complete before I get tired of it and stop playing it. The next time I feel like picking it back up I will have probably forgotten the controls and will have a hard time getting back into it.
  23. Sooo....How about that Mexican soccer riot eh?
  24. "Crazy" is the key word here. I hope we get to live in a world someday where sane, rational people are the ones in power.
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