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  1. So I tried making a diva today and she was like 6'4 by default, went to change her height and found it odd you can't make divas smaller than 5'6. But you can make divas Andre The Giant size. If enough people bring this up hopefully it gets patched, there are so many divas under 5'6, AJ Lee, Sasha Banks, etc.
  2. At 5:00 the commentators start thinking John Cena vs The Rock is going on.
  3. New Feed Me More Ryback entrance. Big Show entrance with the hand raise. Better timed Neville entrance. Vince McMahon (They never got the strut right) Goldust Booker T Jack Swagger (With We The People taunts) Brock Lesnar (no more WWE 12 entrance based on 2003) A lot of people with different characters like Rollins and Ambrose too obviously.
  4. If Mike Tyson's entrance is in it makes me hopeful for Goldberg's 2k14 entrance.
  5. Rikishi, Haku and The Rock vs The Usos and Roman Reigns Vaudvillians vs Buckwhackers Natural Disasters vs Vader and Bam Bam Neville vs Kalisto Cactus Jack vs Kevin Owens Ken Shamrock vs Brock Lesnar Dean Ambrose vs Brian Pillman or Roddy Piper The New Day vs Nation Of Domination Mikey Whipwreck vs Sami Zayn Alundra Blayze vs Trish Stratus or Lita Prime Time Players vs Harlem Heat Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and X-Pac vs The Wyatt Family The Shield vs Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart and British Bulldog Sting vs Finn Balor
  6. If there's reversals that go into the AA they should also be for other Fireman's Carry finishers like F5 and GTS.
  7. I think it should be added as a selectable ability, but just don't give it to any current divas (at least by default) since the excuse is that it doesn't match the product. So a CAW of Chyna could face men but not The Bellas and you could have more freedom with CAWs. On a similar note, it could also be given to caws of Andy Kaufman, who wrestled women, and not Brock Lesnar. There's also a lot of moves in the game you would never see on WWE TV, particularly indie moves, but they are in for character customization unrelated to the WWE stars, so why not the same for female vs male?
  8. William Regal, Billy Gunn and Jason Albert might be in MyCareer (either Gunn or Albert replacing DeMott). Since characters like Adnan and Mustafa have carried over I could even see other Path of Warrior managers carrying over like Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan, Paul Bearer, Sherri and Sid Justice.
  9. I could see them showing videos of their feud but no gameplay, could also seeing that being the case for Angle or others they couldn't get.
  10. I will have Zayn a a top guy on NXT and eventually call him up to Raw. Layla
  11. I don't know what role Santino has right now, whether it's backstage or whatever but he's not been on TV in a long time, there would be no big upgrade to his attire basically, I think what he had in 2k15 was his most up to date anyway. Now that I think of it, it's strange Corey Graves isn't in but Santino is when Graves still gets used.
  12. I could see Batista, Christian, Edge and Santino to be exact copies from 2k15 since I can't see an Austin showcase spot for them and they're not a part of the current product, I'm surprised to see Santino at all since he left WWE and probably wouldn't qualify for legends contract status.
  13. When I saw the Terminator 1 entrance I couldn't help but think of Chris Masters.
  14. I can see them making a moves pack featuring a lot of the diva moves, maybe themes, trons and entrance animations (why do they not do this especially with no music importing on new gen consoles??). Charlotte's Natural Selection was in 2k15 with nobody to give it to because no Create A Diva, the situation is slighly better but not ideal, you can now give it to a CAW instead of Summer Rae in Charlotte gear. It could be worse, it could have just been The Bellas, Paige, Nattie, Stephanie and Naomi in the game with no create a diva.
  15. If they really are reanimating everything pre 2k15 I hope they don't ruin the moves and make them look like Michael Cole is executing them like that godawful slow motion clothesline they gave everyone in 2k15.
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