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About ..::Boricua4life::..

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    Upper Midcard
  • Birthday 05/11/1993

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    Undertaker, Randy Orton/ Maria
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    all music, I'm eclectic
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    I don't really know but I'll try anything at least once.
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    Latino (Puerto Rican[Boricua])
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    WWE Shows, WSX mainly wrestling

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    Born in Bronx, NY. Residing in Middletown, CT
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  1. Hey, I'm ..::Boricua4life::.. but you can call me Dimitri. I am a moderator for the Smackdown VS Raw 2008 chat and PS3 caws. I enjoy helping other members out and I like to help adjust them with the rules more. So if you are new to the community and do something wrong, I'll let you know about it. Not much else except the fact that I'm 14 and I'm extremely friend and kind to those who are to me. I respect you if you show proper respect to the other members and everyone else. What goes around comes around. If you want to talk, PM me or add any of my screen names in my profile.
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