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  1. Its weird watchin DB Super after watching BoG. It's like the same but different.
  2. Maggue looks different this season.
  3. This Sunday's episode looks like it's gonna be good. Can't beloved there's only a couple of episodes left.
  4. There's a way to skip all the way to Survivor+ and keep all your shit from your Hard playthrough. Steps: 1. Start new game plus 2. Complete first chapter 3. Save and Exit to the main menu at the beginning of chapter 2 4. Choose Chapter Select and select the first chapter "Hometown" 5. Choose Survivor difficulty Thanks man. I'll be doing just that.
  5. So I just beat this game on hard mode and collected every comic. I passed up a locked door towards the end because I didn't have a full Shiv or the materials . I gonna go back though and beat it again in hard+ . How do you unlock the survivor difficulty?
  6. I just preordered it today.
  7. Yeah but imagine if you were in their situation. You'd have competition with the lil Azianboy, while me, I'd haver all to myself. lol.
  8. Hershel's blond daughter is hot as fuq. I've had a crush since the 2nd season. Mmm! What I wouldn't do for dat ass.
  9. So am I the only one watching it it it wut?
  10. D-ZEL

    Boxing Thread

    First time my mom wants to order a boxing pay-per-view. Rigged. Last time my mom wants to order a boxing pay-per-view. True story.
  11. Can't wait for the Sonnen vs Silva rematch. It's gonna be awesome.
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