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Marco Veddi

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  • Favourite Wrestler
    The Rock/ Triple H
  • Favourite Music
    Rock n Roll
  • Star (Zodiac) Sign
  • Occupation
    Ass kicker
  • Console(s) Owned
    Xbox 360
  • Favourite Wrestling Company
    WWE, TNA
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  • Favourite Food
  • Favourite TV Show
    The Shield, 24, Wire, Supernatural
  • Sig/Avatar Credits
    all mine baby!
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    Marco Veddi
  1. https://youtu.be/aWh-WGWTLyM Monday night massacre arena
  2. https://youtu.be/aWh-WGWTLyM Monday night massacre arena
  3. The constant creations you continue to release and the quality gets better each time amazing!!
  4. Great work on these caws defo gunna add them to my custom brand
  5. I love the dark tone you've got goin with all these well done!
  6. Man those outlaw of detroit caws are insane
  7. Arcade is banging man well done dude. Now lets just hope someone doesnt leak a sex tape with him on it
  8. Love the caws dude jaxine Krash is one of my favourite mainly cause of the gimmick and tune.
  9. Some great creations this year. Hope you wouldnt mind if i added them to my WEW roster
  10. Name- Marco Veddi Age - 34 Wrestling style- Marco takes a methodical approach to dismantling his prey. He is a MMA practitioner and utilises various hard hitting strikes to down his opponents. One down he will often taunt them and circle them like a shark in water add more insult to injury with physiological attack. Backstory Marco was a fan favourite mid carder in WEW when an serious elbow injury put him out of action for over a year. He was release from his contract by the company and decended into a downward spiral of depression. But he would return a changed man. Much darker and methodical. He claimed to work on behalf of the devil. And his job to turn those good to evil by.making them sell their souls to the devil much like he did for fame..fortune etc. Championship record. X2 WEW TAG CHAMPION X2 WEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION X5 WEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION
  11. I've always downloaded Leon every year. This year will be no different. Come on the sons of the fallen watch as the devil lays waste to the demon
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