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  1. Rose Dawson was a hottie but Momma had it going on too.
  2. WWE Hall of Famer just doesn't sound right to me for Sting. Not a huge deal but I'd welcome the sections.
  3. They should have a WCW Hall of Fame section and put Sting in that.
  4. The heels have gotten much more attention over the last 6 years so that the golden boy John Cena could eventually "save the day" by taking them out. The only other face I can recall getting massively over with the fans were Daniel Bryan, Zack Ryder and Damien Sandow but all 3 struggled with the companys bsing around with their booking and only Bryan managed to overcome it. Also it seems like they use a face turn as a way of punishment for some too which says a lot. R Truth for example was never the same when he went back face.
  5. Definitely. She was a stand out talent in a pile of shit-division (minus Mickie James), but otherwise just your average wrestler. Wow, *Censored* you guys. Just kidding, but I seriously disagree. It's untrue in general unless he's referring to the divas division before Victoria left. Otherwise Victoria in her prime was working with dozens of quality talent. Melina, Gail Kim, Trish, Lita, and Molly Holly to name a few other then Mickie.
  6. The indy talent brings in more and the good booking keeps them. Something the main roster can't do right now is keep people watching consistently.
  7. JR sounded great on that video. Really wish he could come back to WWE.
  8. Glad to hear he may not be done just yet. Deserves a much better send off then that.
  9. Brock and Curt should have waited and did that shit in a practice ring.
  10. Some people will go along with anything the WWE tells them to.
  11. It's not about him though. He's responsible for a lot of top notch signings and has expressed multiple times how much he wants to utilize all that talent to the max and people like that.
  12. Bray Wyatt has transcended sucking via opinion. He has one of the worst losing records percentage-wise in recent memory... He's a bonafide jobber booked way too strong - He's less threatening than Fandango in ring. He's total ass, and nigh salvageable. He's floundering both in kayfabe and in mark-terms. Ok....and again thats all opinion based that he sucks only a handful of you believe that. Still doesnt make it fact so everyone should stop acting like it is. Some of us dont give up hope on someone who at the very least still featured on tv and in mid to high profile feuds. No. It isn't. It's fact that Wyatt has lost more than 60% of his main-show matches. Even the Jobbers - like Fandago or similiar - they have a higher winning percentage than Wyatt... So why is he valid? By now it's not even opinion, Wyatt is the jobbiest goddamn jobber on the roster - his function is losing to everyone - which is what a jobber does. The only fact there is that his booking is crap. His mic work has been affected because the company gives him little to nothing to work with. Yup. Bad booking
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