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    Stone Cold Steve Austin
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    one you can eat
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  1. i was trying to look something up today, and came across this forum, oh man do i have alot of memories here. im 100% certain im not remembered maybe i am, i see my user name is Taker, i know it changed so many times, to now. hope you are all is well, i may not have been here but i dont forget about how much time i use to spend here back on the ps1/2 then getting a 360.. now i think wrestlings up to 22 now. amazing i dont remember many name, heck id remember more if we still had AOL (AIM) messenger and those user names im sure many users are no longer with us, and with that said 1 user i have not forgotten about, Jason Neskar, your presence was alot on these forums as other places i use to roam. RIP, i still send a email every year for your birthday and passing. take care, i will be around Chris James T 85 CJ-Retro_Modern
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