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  1. Remember Booker T's new tag team partner Big T?
  2. Remember when the original thread was still open?
  3. Sandow needs to be on there more lol. Good episodes.
  4. Pretty much any negative comment I've seen about Rikishi's induction into the hall of fame.
  5. I don't think I'd want to see what the rest of that cardboard looks like under the sheets.
  6. I bursted out laughing at the adding diarrhea to the mix part. What a very sick individual that guy is. I'd honestly think that with all that he'd at least want to try to make a clone of her rather then just devouring it. Then again he's probably not too bright.
  7. To be fair most of us have forgiven and gotten mad at Vince all over again many times over the years.
  8. You did say anything. Anywho I wont be arguing here regardless.
  9. the first one would be pretty awesome actually I agree. I could totally picture him pulling that off.
  10. KELLY KELLY SHOULD *censored*ING BEEN IN THE WWE HALL OF FAME!!! she beat the hell out of vickie she won her match against vickie she was face to face with kane she was face to face with dolph ziggler and slapped the shit out him she was the one who never let her fans down in her 7 years of fighting in the wwe she beat brie bella for the divas championship belt she beat laycool she beat beth pheonix she trained naomi to be great like she still is today she never gives up shes the best diva she even did extreme expose and beat ariel in her *censored*ing first match!! KellyKelly 2014 hall of famer to me! shes the best she even beat eve torres she did a lot´╗┐
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