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  1. In a future title I'd like to see some crazy over the top storyline like a portal opens up and anyone from current stars or 90s and 80s legends comes through entering the 1950s, 60s and early 70s eras where they run into guys like Lou Thez, Bruno Sammarntino, Super Star Billy Gram etc. That way gamers can experience what those times were like while playing as stars they're more familiar with. We've already been getting a mix of different eras on the roster so now we just need a fun original story to go with it imo.
  2. Well whenever someone thinks of the Sharpshooter Hart is the first to come to mind. Just like Angle for the Ankle lock and Flair for the Figure four leg lock. Shamrock has an argument for Anklelock but I believe Kurt surpassed him quickly.
  3. What makes 1999 the low point of Brets career? Did he not win his only 2 world titles for the promotion that year and was a featured main event throughout including WCW's version of Wrestlemania, Starcade at the end of the year? Hell the match itself where he got hurt in was the main event against one of WCWs biggest stars in Goldberg that he'd been feuding with for some time then. So unless you're just a WWE fanatic and considers the fact that he left for the other promotion a low point overall there's no way that's a lowpoint of a career.
  4. The Best heel of all time imo. There was never another star that was more fun to want to see my favorite take the championship away from. Always worked great feuds with all of the top faces besides Booker T. That one was pretty messed up.
  5. If this is true she and Rusev should just leave the company when their contracts expire.
  6. I thought it was a good Rumble too. Would have liked to see atleast 2 legend surprises but it turned out to be kind of a breath of fresh air to have more current/NXT surprises instead. Didn't really like that AJ Styles theme but still marked.
  7. Becky really should have stayed on NXT and gotten a run.
  8. these mild crowd reactions really make great moments seem less great. jesus christ.
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