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  1. I haven't caught a podcast in awhile. No clue whether or not anything helpful's been mentioned about CAW models. They look about the same as last year, down to the hairstyles; another thing that needs a complete overhaul and a half. Have I missed anything?...Just curious.

  2. do i even get my prize that i won for the ps3 tournament.

  3. Didn't make the Banner

  4. Your banners offend me.

  5. Hey add me on PSN

    My PSN name is clewers

  6. I agree Animalz. New pin system makes it more competitive

  7. Hey Charles on Cawscast 06/14/11 I wanted to comment on why pin system is the way it is...On SVR2011 I could kickout of 100's of finishers in a match because of how fast I can tap the buttons and People would have to submit me to beat me. I think THQ took that into consideration when making the new pin system. I hope matches get better and last longer.

  8. Seriously, you know there is a problem, so either do the job you were hired on to do and fix it, or give the responsibility to someone who can handle it. What in the hell are you doing?

  9. Just fix the problem and remove your hideous posters.

  10. @Almost Easy, Thank You

  11. Way to put a typo on that terrible CAWsCast banner. Just sayin'.

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