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  1. 448. William Regal hates the US but is forced to work here out of fears of prosecution in the UK; it seems he was a middleman in the whole Queen Elizabeth drug dealing thing Lyndon LaRouche exposed in the '80s. This one is my fav
  2. Sweeet thank you all for your help! It's looking to be a lot cheaper than I expected which is nice, although maybe it won't be because I think I trust Mango Kids advice over everyone elses . I wasn't really planning on staying for a few days, I just wanted to get there, watch Mania then go home. I guess that's kinda unrealistic tho.
  3. I don't really know if this is the right section to post this in, but I'm planning on going to Wrestlemania next year by myself. I'm from the UK and was wondering if anyone from abroad has ever been either alone or with a group. I'm curious on the rough cost of everything as a whole too, I know the travel packages and all that is a thing but I haven't been able to find any information on them so any information regarding that would be appreciated as well!
  4. I did a handicap match; Brock Lesnar vs. Gran Matelik, Cedric Alexander and TJP. I was playing as Brock and killed Cedric and TJP, then they tagged in Matelik and he beats me with a Matelik driver about two minutes after being tagged in. I guess its an upset despite the uneven odds coz Lesnar's a beast incarnate.
  5. If this is the only thing people are spending time complaining about it was a great night for WWE. Well done WWE I am proud of you.
  6. I'll legit fight you for saying that. I was a bit sad that Heath was a part of the throw away match, but after thinking about it for a bit it was cool and added a lot to the scene. I'm just happy Heath got the chance to show up, and as KingRyderFan said get his first ever pay per view singles win in circumstances that I think is fitting to Heath's character.
  7. Name: Adorable Owen Young Billed From: The Garden of Eden Weight: 190 lbs Nicknames: RockStar Finisher: The Lionsault Age: 24 Backstory: Adorable Owen Young; Cowardly, backstabbing, annoying, far from adorable. Yet brave, loyal, fun to be around and very adorable as well. He's been around a while, fighting (to the best of his abilities) far and wide. He's gained a nice little cult following actually, but most people hate him.
  8. Thanks for the help everyone. I'll try leaving a few things alone and checking the enemies/friends stuff. Mad jealous of everyone who's getting scenes </3
  9. It's really sad :c I forgot to mention I've been editing every card, does doing so disable the cut scenes?
  10. I've played loads of Universe mode and haven't had a single cut scene yet. Is there a a technique or something I have to do in order to get some?
  11. Mine hasn't crashed, but it did freeze when I tried to download a Pentagon Junior and gave me an error message afterward saying "The item you're trying to download is broken" or something along those lines. It's the first Pentagon seen on the community creations home page and I don't know if you downloaded the same one, but if you did I think we should all avoid that Pentagon coz it's dangerous af.
  12. Today I had the best glitch ever. I set up a Universe match between Kalisto (me) and Finn Balor. Curtis Axel decided that he wanted to be in the match too and spent the majority of it beating up Finn. Enzo Amore was also in the match, he copied every thing Kalisto did which was well funny <3.
  13. I have entered a rivalry with the legendary Baron Blade from 2k15.
  14. This happens on my TV too, which is of a similar description to yours. Don't let anyone tell you it's an issue with your TV <3
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