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  1. yeah it has been! hows it going??

  2. i'm dropping it, it started making more work than fun for me, so i decided to stop, probably for good this time

  3. hey, i'll riot with ya if lashley wins

  4. guess whose back??i posted in the battle rap thread, i'm callin you out

  5. well, i got more posts then you on XCE. why aren't you on XCE anymore??

  6. damn, you got 200 posts, it's gonna take a while for me to catch up

  7. add me as one of your friends

  8. why wouldn't I?? just a name change, nothing else

  9. i just hit 1,000 posts!oh wait, you have like 400 more posts then me, lol

  10. just curious, why did you add me as a friend??

  11. it probably will be slow, i heard rumors though that he might be in a HIAC match against batista at Judgement Day, just a rumor though, that would be a great match

  12. well, i guess TAker's injury isn't that bad, since he's scheduled for a steel cage match next week

  13. sure, that'd be awesome

  14. i watched the first 4 matches, missed the taker vd batista and fatal four way matches

  15. congrats on becoming a mod!

  16. same here, i think HBK deserves one more title run before he calls it quits. besides, Cena can't hold the title 4ever

  17. thats what i thought too, but i think its time he drops the title and turns heel

  18. hey, after watchin that HBK vs Cena match on Raw, do you think Cena's finally turning heel??

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