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  1. Charlotte is a top top talent and has earned her spot, even without the flair name she would be a top star, size power skills and well flair
  2. To every one I just replied to something you wrote , sorry if your offended
  3. Teeth like ddp wwf run, that goofy smile, is just my opinion , dont cry about it, Im more than likely wrong guys , but in my view how I see it, I feel she is better as a heel And everyone is aloud their own point of view I like Charlotte I love her dads in ring work also Nothing wrong with her look or teeth or anything but with her credentials I believe she has more chance getting over as a heel She looks and is ability wise above most And as a face character it is better to me as the underdog that you want to over come the odds, she doesnt portray the underdog she is skilful and a powerhouse Im sorry if Ive upset anyone along the way with my point of view Or my poor writing skills grammar etc Words can be taken the wrong way so easily Her body is amazing , she is built like a man, her body would put 90% of males in this forum to shame , nothing wrong in that, was trying to inforce the fact that size wise she towers above most other females in wwe Sorry again to all you guys and girls that got deeply hurt by anything form any of my posts , or felt I shouldnt voice things if you feel they arent right, again its my point of you, right to me, wrong to many others but still only little old me. Im not new I used this site many years ago but changed email address and forgot my log in details , come back to caws and set up new as to save any stress etc Sorry for any of my posts that upset you in any way bro
  4. LOL. Did you not watch, I think it was, Fastlane? Yknow...Bayley retained over CHARLOTTE. I know lol was 16 ppv undefeated run that ended then but still she holds it up as I do t wanna lose on ppvs where it counts Charlotte is a tall man built woman has power and great skills but them mega white teeth and tan and the arrogance she is a flair and flairs should b heels , dominating heels that we love to hate
  5. Charlotte Flair and her farther best as heels
  6. Has she lost clean one vs one at a ppv, I may be wrong But these things always happen in wrestling I know before there was a deal made by her and wwe that she would not lose at ppvs Listen to a lot of wwe shoot interviews etc Both best as heels tbh
  7. Did you know that Charlotte Flair has never lost a match at a ppv, so after hell in a cell ok they didnt wanna give her the title but she still demands not to lose at any ppv so they make her win by Dq How do you all feel about this It was a good match but I feel nattie should of won by sharpshooter in the ring, but saying that she already made her tap out on smackdown And as far as Asuka I believe she will win the raw womans title then lose it back to Alexa with help from nia, and maybe week b4 ppv hellish beatdown so as askusa is very much broken and unable to wrestle at 100% Leading to a wrestlemania rematch if that match isnt wm Alexa Bliss is the best thing going atm, all other females living in her shadow without the same push, Alexa has a rocket on her back if you sit down and think about it, like it or not. She wants to be the one to beat Asuka I should see Alexa lose to Mickie James at next ppv, then mickie lose to Asuka in there rematch from the nxt one they had After that storyline Alexa vs Asuka lead8ng to the ppv where what I said b4 will happen
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