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  1. Icon to me because that's when Cena was in his prime to me but its close.
  2. Still wish they add 40 man rumble back in. Trying to go from 1 to 40 on legend was fun times. My brothers and I have gone 1-30 a couple times but 1-40 added a little more challange. Raw 2 had the craziest rumble though.
  3. Not gonna lie Wargames has me excited but I hope they get word life Cena in the game.
  4. I know it will never happen but I wish the games would allow more freedom in creations. Fkr example let me create a trios title even though wwe doesn't do that.
  5. The best 5 star frog splash to me was the hctp svr era.
  6. Got the nwo DLC last night, tries to load it for 2 minutes and realized it was the Xbox one version and not the series x dlc. That has to be the one of the worst anti consumer moves ever.
  7. It would be cool if wwe included music that they own even if the person isn't there. For example page's theme or word life for Cena.
  8. Give me some NBA 2k models in the game as DLC so I can have LeBron and Curry take the wwe by storm lol. But in all seriousness something as simple as 80's Hogan would make people forget the MSK situation.
  9. Not saying she is but Tessa could easily hate black people and not being racist to Hispanics.
  10. 1. Then you have never been kicked in the face. Men or women. That shit hurts. Especially by a professional. 2. Sami Callihan is neither Brock, nor The Fiend 3. Rey Mysterio recently feuded with Brock Lesnar and fought back. 1. A woman professional fighter likely would kick my ass, I'm out of shape. 2. I know, bad point to make. I still dont see how its believable that a man and a woman who are in the same profession and level of fighting the man would lose. 3. Rey had a pipe when ever he was winning in that fued.
  11. Tessa may not be forced but I still don't see how its believable she can be world champion. To counter that point I don't believe any of the women on wwe could beat Brock or the Fiend.
  12. Watched Impact two weeks ago and was the worst show ever. Sticking to Wwe and Aew.
  13. miguelnuva

    WWE Drama

    If Corey and Carmella are grown enough to have an affair they're grown enough for Corey's wife to make it public.
  14. I sit and watch Alexa Bliss explain why the sky is blue. LoL.
  15. Not gonna lie I'd probably make a deal with the paranormal activity demon to marry Alexia Bliss.
  16. Isn't Omega already world champion what happens if he wins the G1?
  17. So you're saying there matches haven't been good? No I'm saying Meltzer over hypes the Omega Okada matches way higher than what they actually are.
  18. At this point I'm convinced Okada and Omega can spit on a sidewalk and Melter would say at least a 4 star match.
  19. So any advice for a new fan trying to get into njpw. Do they have English commentary and a way to watch online/ps4?
  20. I love they way they're using him. To me it would have cooled his momentum some if he was used more. He was almost like the tns version of Brock when he came in.
  21. So I just got poptv and will be watching Impact for the first time since EcIII won the world title. Whats going on besides the broken Hardys?
  22. Yeah when I checked he hasn't been online in awhile but we can wait a couple months before we start.

  23. Hey can't find the 3rd guy but if you are getting wwe 12 we could start our shows back.

  24. Hey man whats up, I'm thinking of restarting the shows maybe just with 2 brands you intrested?

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