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  1. Got the nwo DLC last night, tries to load it for 2 minutes and realized it was the Xbox one version and not the series x dlc. That has to be the one of the worst anti consumer moves ever.
  2. It would be cool if wwe included music that they own even if the person isn't there. For example page's theme or word life for Cena.
  3. Give me some NBA 2k models in the game as DLC so I can have LeBron and Curry take the wwe by storm lol. But in all seriousness something as simple as 80's Hogan would make people forget the MSK situation.
  4. As bad as EA can be that seems like something WWE would want to partner with. Especially if the Disney buying wwe rumors are true. They need yukes back.
  5. Well you know Rey was this rookie that Eddie took under his wing but despite his size Rey made up for it when on just 1 year he went from opening match to main eventing WM. Makes no sense.
  6. Don't want to get anyone hopes up but I saw Rey's wrestlemania 22 entrance in the trailer.
  7. I remember back in the Legends of Wrestlemania days Hogan wanted his model bigger and hair fuller than it was in real life, but that was 80's Hogan.
  8. I hope the UE theme is still in. I hated Cole's last theme.
  9. Well, Bayley is beautiful as always and she and Xavier were good guest for the event. Wish they would do the old summerslam roster reveals.
  10. After Mickey James and the rumble this year I wish My World Jarrent could sneak in. His tna theme was probably his best theme especially as a heel.
  11. Bret is still with wwe. He just went off on AEW not too long ago.
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