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  1. I thought with Sasha and Beyley gone Wwe was heading for trouble., then the Hurt Business completely steps it up. Best thing on Raw to me right now followed closely by Drew and even Seth has been doing better. Also anyone else kinda liking Raw Underground?
  2. Shawn was selling like he was ko'ed and clearly out of it. There is more than one way to sell. I would say he was concussed the way he sold.
  3. They should have had Bayley run over Kairi with something would have wrote her off and made it look like Askua had to go to her.
  4. Other than the swamp fight I thought extreme rules was ok. Rey and Seth bad a stupid eye finish but we all know that was coming and Sasha and Askua while a stupid finish does make me want to watch Raw. Pretty decent show given the circumstances.
  5. I started watching during Bret-Shawn build to WM 12, wwe was good to me up till 2017. It had some good and bad moments but I enjoyed it for the most part.
  6. Nope, Wwe has been good way more than 10% of the time I've been watching. I don't think it got really bad to like 3 years ago.
  7. Wwe while being stupid and near boring at times is not as bad to me as it is for others.
  8. If you do it right you can keep them hot through this run and then get them hotter when you break them up.
  9. Anyone else hopes Alexa Bliss turns Heel again soon. Im tired of the face version of her.
  10. They've been past the appropriate several times by this point. Atleast with them both heels Incould see the storyline going to WM.
  11. As convoluted as it would be I see potential in Sasha and Bayley flipping Titles. Beyley as Raw champion, Sasha as Smackdown champ, eventually Bayley would cost Sasha the tag titles and the smackdown women's title and Sasha can win the royal rumble. WM main event is set.
  12. Someone needs to tell Low-Ki to his face he's stupid.
  13. Didnt know that. I wish AEW the best of luck then. Wwe however could consider an off season.
  14. I know AEW has no problem doing this but I think the networks and Vince should all agree to go on break. I think they have two weeks of TV tapped, do those two weeks and then call it a season break. NXT would have a real great season finale with the double title match.
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