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  1. His old look in game then the current look as a DLC model.
  2. Cena and Rock in DC films imagine if Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were the pre orders.
  3. I wonder if the cureent generation versions are going to have any exclusive match types since ps5 and series x are so far above last gen.
  4. Copying on to the Andre project I would have Hogan Andre Rock Austin Undertaker These superstars would get special animations unique to them.
  5. We might have three Eddies. Domminc ladder match. Wrestleman 21 match and the WCW Halloween havoc.
  6. If Rey is the showcase we'll atleast get his Halloween Havoc match with Eddie.
  7. 150-200 caws and bringing back 4 attires would make my day. Also bring back the 49 man rumble please. Speaking of caws I hope they add a Dinosaur suit. Making Godzilla in wrestlemania xix was awesome to me as a kid.
  8. I thought with Sasha and Beyley gone Wwe was heading for trouble., then the Hurt Business completely steps it up. Best thing on Raw to me right now followed closely by Drew and even Seth has been doing better. Also anyone else kinda liking Raw Underground?
  9. Shawn was selling like he was ko'ed and clearly out of it. There is more than one way to sell. I would say he was concussed the way he sold.
  10. They should have had Bayley run over Kairi with something would have wrote her off and made it look like Askua had to go to her.
  11. Anyone else hopes Alexa Bliss turns Heel again soon. Im tired of the face version of her.
  12. If Tessa can be the world champion Nyla can be women's champion. I don't think it automatically makes you transphobic if you disagree with Nyla winning the title as long as you word your thoughts correctly.
  13. Not saying she is but Tessa could easily hate black people and not being racist to Hispanics.
  14. 1. Then you have never been kicked in the face. Men or women. That shit hurts. Especially by a professional. 2. Sami Callihan is neither Brock, nor The Fiend 3. Rey Mysterio recently feuded with Brock Lesnar and fought back. 1. A woman professional fighter likely would kick my ass, I'm out of shape. 2. I know, bad point to make. I still dont see how its believable that a man and a woman who are in the same profession and level of fighting the man would lose. 3. Rey had a pipe when ever he was winning in that fued.
  15. Tessa may not be forced but I still don't see how its believable she can be world champion. To counter that point I don't believe any of the women on wwe could beat Brock or the Fiend.
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