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  1. Didn't he jump on his first wife as well. He needs to fight someone he could fight back.
  2. At least the company is consistent with their stupidity. Maybe The Fiend gets a Rematch later? Also Braun beat the guy who beat the Fiend so who needs protecting other than Bray Waytt.
  3. Putting personal bias aside it made no sense from a Sticktly Wwe view point to have expected Kari Sane to go over Nia Jax. Also they might me doing this on the rooftop.
  4. The Firefly Funhouse had to be the worse thing I've ever seen in the WWE. I'd rather the Fiend had squashed Cena in 30 seconds than that. So disappointed after how great the Boneyard match was.
  5. Owens vs Rollins is going to be like a Honeymoon with your wife but you guys have been having sex everynight a year before the wedding. It makes sense, it should be good but they've had too many matches already.
  6. If Tessa can be the world champion Nyla can be women's champion. I don't think it automatically makes you transphobic if you disagree with Nyla winning the title as long as you word your thoughts correctly.
  7. Charlotte just needs the women's tag title, mitb and the nxt uk title because why not.
  8. This year has proved to me the royal rumble needs to go back up to 40.
  9. Is the new cruiserweight title just a black stap with the nxt logo now? Looks nice either way. What steps the changes on the UK title?
  10. I heard Cain in in the rumble did he get his knee fixed?
  11. As goofy as wwe likes to act might as well go this route. Suicide could have been big in Tna if built right, wwe could make it work.
  12. Not saying she is but Tessa could easily hate black people and not being racist to Hispanics.
  13. 1. Then you have never been kicked in the face. Men or women. That shit hurts. Especially by a professional. 2. Sami Callihan is neither Brock, nor The Fiend 3. Rey Mysterio recently feuded with Brock Lesnar and fought back. 1. A woman professional fighter likely would kick my ass, I'm out of shape. 2. I know, bad point to make. I still dont see how its believable that a man and a woman who are in the same profession and level of fighting the man would lose. 3. Rey had a pipe when ever he was winning in that fued.
  14. Cena enters and eliminates Brock but doesn't win is my pick.
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