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  1. Salohcin

    Too Many Repeats

    Finding textures and or renders isn't the problem it's my abilities in paint tool that slow me up. I have alot of trial and error. I'm no savant by any means but i push on.
  2. Salohcin

    Too Many Repeats

    I can't help with the face textures as I have no way at present to inject them into the game but I will see what I can do about some tattoos
  3. Salohcin

    Caw Showcase Video

    So this is my CAW Nick Cameron which is designed off of my real life likeness. Please check it out and feel free to leave feedback. https://youtu.be/qjvzMsZmXZ . https://youtu.be/T5zjRxb7jJ4
  4. That's not a feature available to last gen console users and so far as I know it's not available for next gen console users either.
  5. This is a great idea. too bad it's based on the Next Gen Owners. I wonder if Someone could pull this off for last gen or if there would be an interest in it.
  6. Salohcin

    Too Many Repeats

    I have noticed a huge influx of CAWS as of late and the majority of them seem to be of Wrestlers already available to us in game. Why waste the time to create a character as best you can when the game has already provided them for us. I work mostly on Logos for CC but I do have a single caw on there. it's a Copy of my real life face with my fantasy body for the game of course. Search cc on ps3 for Salohcin and then view my content. You won't be dissapointed I already have several downloads.
  7. Im a last gen ps3 user and I haven't noticed anything on my end
  8. Absolutely Perfect. All of them
  9. I have read several posting now about this new patch and everyone is talking about wanting entrances updated and or added and having wrestlers mocapped because their entrances look horrible. We need be banding together as a community clamoring to 2k to create some kind of patch that would allow for more features in the game. last gen console owners have already suffered a huge loss of features. who cares about entrances right now with so many features missing
  10. Thanks for the replies. Should I come across any moethod for last gen users to import custom logos in the future I will pass the info along.
  11. is or was that tool available for 2k16? Although if it were I understand it would no tbe supported.
  12. I'm a Last Gen console owner. PS3. I distinctly remember finding a method to import logos into either 13 or 14 to use in the game. I have searched extensively and can not find anything to support doing this for last gen for 2k16. Can this be done? I have heard of this new app that was going to allow us to upload our faces to be used and i have heard of this logo upload system but I can't find anything to support if it is for last gen or new gen only. someone please help me understand this. \ I know there was something about downloading some kind of file to your flash drive and then replacing it
  13. It's been done before and I am hoping that someone wants to do it again. I have already designed a CAW based off of my own life like image or at least as close as I think I can come but I was hoping that someone of a better caliber would like to take a shot at it for me. If anyone is interested please reply here and i will provide the needed photos for reference and if you want to see what I already created go to the community creatiobns on Playstation 3 version and search for "Salohcin" obviously without the quotes. Any Takers?
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