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  1. I tuned autosave off but mine still freezes on a match between Sting and Stevie Ray Harlem Heat version. Both are CAWS I DL. I played or simulated about 3 years of Universe before my problem started to occur. I'm on a black elite as well. Very frustrating. So I deleted the Sting CAW IDL and my freezing has stopped. So not sure if it had to do with the specific Caw but it was the matches involved with him when my game would freeze. Hope this might help some.
  2. Dammit, man. What do you mean?
  3. Ok let me make some of the changes you suggested then I do a closeup. I got your Harlem Heat in my universe feuding with my LOd. Great stuff man.
  4. Ok I posted what I created so far in 2k14
  5. Nice Nikita. Now I don't have to make him to go with my Magnum TA rivalry.
  6. Anyone from the boards DL them yet? Hopefully you like them or let me know how to improve them.
  7. Ok I uploaded to Xbox live. Let me know if you DL and let me know what you think and if any changes should be made.
  8. Thanks I'll work in the shaping of the head and see that will help.
  9. Thanks. I just was showing what I did in the past and looking for any quick pointers to help before I started in 14. Like the one guy said to change the hair. Petos you did a great job on harlem heat I must say. I love the old school teams.
  10. I really dig this Harlem Heat. I'm glad somebody did them. Can you do an old school Steiner Brothers?
  11. I know these are not from 2k14 I was showing what I did in the past and was going to recreate and asking for some pointers on how to improve.
  12. Ok here is what I got so far. Took the suggestions and here is new morph.
  13. Well not much response but I got the move sets done now. So I should have these uploaded by tomorrow.
  14. oh ok so custom logo to spell legions of doom. got it. Ok it is because of the tights I used. won't let me put the lettering on the trunks. I did it before couple yeas go by using some weird method I forgot. Any other input or advice?
  15. Ok I made a couple tweaks and unloaded to xbox live. Search Stuman to find them.
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