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  1. From an outside point of view, living in the UK, I find it really difficult to associate with anyone other than Bernie Sanders. Franky, I'm dumbfounded Trump is getting any support at all. Seeing that he's suggested a punishment for abortion –– that's just not on. Additionally, everyone in America apart from Native Americans are immigrants –– I feel anyone should be entitled to travel and life where they like, as long as they contribute and integrate to the society which they become a part of. I'm all for removing individuals who cause more havoc than they do good. However, putting up a racist wall because a portion of society is too lazy to put the work in to get the jobs themselves, or educate themselves to apply themselves to higher skill jobs (which are being taken by foreign workers who have worked for it) is not on. Fundamentally, we're all human. Underneath, we're all the same.
  2. I'm still waiting for something more tantalising than a bloated selection of superstars and legends. Quality over quantity.
  3. Myth Busting Hi there, you might remember my fitness thread I made two years ago. I'm no longer a personal trainer, but I still know my stuff. There is no such thing as toning up. There is losing weight, and gaining muscle. To get a toned appearance, you need to lower your body fat levels to the point you can see your muscles. Toning is a myth. Diet Secondly, you can drink and much water as you like and eat as healthily as you like, but you need to get your diet straight, in terms of calories. It's all calories in, calories out. You need to work out your BMR, AKA, the amount of calories you need to survive, for your body to function. For example, I'm 5ft 10, 170. I need around 1,900 calories just to survive each day, if I were to lie in bed and literally do nothing, I would need 1,900 calories. On top of this, you need to estimate your activity, I'm quite active, and according to my Nike Fuel band, I burn 1,200 calories per day through activity. Activity such as walking, running and going to the gym. So, to maintain my current weight, I need 3,100 calories. To lose weight, I need to lower the calories per day, or increase my activity. To gain weight, I need to increase the calories I consume on the daily, or reduce my activity. Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiifvwf9Mx_1DNvEDJr0YA6YDv6RuR4dI This is in fact false. http://examine.com/faq/do-i-need-to-eat-six-times-a-day-to-keep-my-metabolism-high.html
  4. 22 years ago, when Undertaker was Mean Mark in WCW. No footage is on the internet, WWE probably has it locked aways in a vault somewhere. Even more reason why it needs to happen!
  5. Hi Mods, I've not been around here in a while, but I've been back for a couple of days, just to see how the site is doing. I noticed that a quote, from Mustacio, which I'd had in my signature for over two years now has been removed for being inappropriate. Might I ask why? "You're not my comrade, but your girlfriends my cum rag. I tell her to act like you, and she starts to such. Until I shoot her in the face with kalashnikov *drops microphone*" Cheers.
  6. Oldsie, you do realise that twitter value, and other apps which you authorise to use your account, use you for promotion. You'll notice that your account will direct message and tweet at your followers, with a link to website. The website is usually some spam or promotional junk. Just so you know.
  7. The last game I bought was the 2013 or 2012 edition, I think. It's been ages. I really want to pick up a copy and play it. I've managed to get my hands on an Xbox One, I'm happy to hear that it's coming to next generation. I really, really think it's the year for the complete overhaul. Breaking the engine down, and building it back up again. They would be daft not to.
  8. Hm. I'm not seeing any Alice Eve in this thread. Disappointing.
  9. I've had a few years practice, nothing anyone can't do with time. I doodled this in about 10 minutes. http://imgur.com/o9PKpGQ
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