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  1. Dude that sparkling cat sig is tight as f*ck. Not even being sarcastic that shit's rad.

    1. Rallyz66


      Thanks. Figured I'd change it as I had CM Punk forever. I love making them.

  2. Triforce. Right now.

  3. lolz i am anon we r a leegionz! we no forgives we no forgetz expekt uuss lolz

  4. You're welcome. Glad I can expose how awesome they are to people lol

  5. Can you link me up to it? I honestly didn't know, thanks for informing me.

  6. In Defense of the Genre has a ton of songs and alot of guest vocalists. It's got a more of a pop-punk feel to it. Then if you are looking for songs with great hooks check out their self-titled album. It has alot of catchy choruses and is alot more melodic. Then their new album comes out in March. The only song they've released as a single on that album is Burn a Miracle. It's good b...

  7. It's definitely dificult to pick just one. If you like bare bones acoustic music, just go to the youtube.com/ratehim cause he has all the songs from their early EPs and their first album. The albums they have that have alot of substance are Is A Real Boy and In Defense of the Genre. Is A Real Boy has alot more acoutic songs though. It's considered by many to be their best.

  8. Listen to like...any of their albums in their entirety. They rule.

  9. Just looking at people's profiles who have commented on my page and shiiit. You like Foxy Shazam and Freaks and Geeks? Freaks and Geeks is like my favorite show of all time. If you tell me you like Say Anything I will probably just have give you the most epic of bro hugs EVAR.

  10. I'm aware, I just wasn't sure what to post exactly lol

  11. Lovin' the sig. The combination of that and your name makes me think of the bit from Sandwitches that goes, "Skip that class and hit that bong."

  12. Yeah, it's a really cheap guitar. Got it for about $100.

  13. I have the type of guitar that Jericho has in your sig.

  14. Daxflame, *Censored*.

  15. Listen to Damien by Stray from the Path while watching the Double Dream Feet video. Hilarity will ensue.

  16. That's the biggest black ass I've ever seen and I like it, I like it. That's the biggest black ass I've ever seen and I like it, I like it, alot!

  17. My maturity level changes often. I have been told that I'm mature for my age on here, but there are people on here who say I'm a try hard.

  18. God damn you, Tsel! That was the first time I had a cool sig! Why can't I have nice things? I was so enraged I had to bring out the workaholics quotes :)

  19. Yeah, people tend to give me shit cause I'm young, but I find a 15 year old on a pro wrestling forum less absurd than a 20 something year old.

  20. Wel I'm a sophmore now, I haven't updated it in awhile.

  21. Man, I'm just droppin' in to tell you that I'm a big fan of your youtube videos. I like the whole formula you got goin' where you showcase the caw and say what you think about the wrestler you made the caw of. The caws are amazing too. I'm writing down the forms to your current guys as we speak. Keep up the good work, man.

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