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  1. Im still reeling from the Rumble. My god.
  2. My heart is full. That was legit one of my favourite Rumbles ever. McIntyre winning is a long time coming for him, and Im proud of my fellow Scotsman! That reaction when he eliminated Lesnar was legendary. And of course, EDGE! I literally shouted so loudly at like 3/4am but it was so worth it, I legit had goosebumps. I cant remember the last time I had that feeling whilst watching WWE. Hats off to Lesnar for wearing his working boots tonight.
  3. Little bit of fantasy booking on my part: Asuka beats Becky for the championship at the Royal Rumble, have it be through shenanigans with Kairi costing Becky or something. Then, later in the night have Becky come out in the Royal Rumble, shades of last year. EXCEPT, this time, Ronda Rousey runs out and throws Becky out, costing her the Rumble. Eventually have Shayna win the Rumble. So for Mania, its Becky vs Ronda in a match many thought we should see last year; and then have a face/tweener Shayna go against a heel Asuka for the championship at WrestleMania. Hell; even make Becky vs Ronda be a #1 Contendership match to add some stakes.
  4. Ive pre-ordered Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, cant wait!
  5. Ive been playing a mix of things lately. The Sims 3, a little bit of WWE 2K19. Ive not long finished TWD: New Frontier, Ive now started TWD: Michonne, and Ill be playing TWD: Final Season after that.
  6. ROYAL RUMBLE Order of Entry: 1. Brock Lesnar (RAW) (WWE Champion) 2. Seth Rollins (RAW) 3. John Morrison (SmackDown) 4. Killian Dain (NXT) 5. Johnny Gargano (NXT) 6. Erick Rowan (RAW) 7. Finn Bálor (NXT) 8. Cesaro (SmackDown) 9. Rey Mysterio (RAW) 10. Andrade (RAW) (United States Champion) 11. Braun Strowman (SmackDown) 12. Mustafa Ali (SmackDown) 13. Sheamus (SmackDown) 14. Drew McIntyre (RAW) 15. Velveteen Dream (NXT) 16. Matt Riddle (NXT) 17. Tomasso Ciampa (NXT) 18. Ricochet (RAW) 19. Randy Orton (RAW) 20. AJ Styles (RAW) 21. Roman Reigns (SmackDown) 22. Keith Lee (NXT) 23. Dolph Ziggler (SmackDown) 24. Kevin Owens (RAW) 25. Dominik Dijakovic (NXT) 26. WALTER (NXT) (UK Champion) 27. The Miz (SmackDown) 28. Kofi Kingston (SmackDown) 29. Lio Rush (NXT) 30. Shinsuke Nakamura (SmackDown) (Intercontinental Champion) Order of Elimination: Seth Rollins by Brock Lesnar John Morrison by Brock Lesnar Brock Lesnar by Johnny Gargano Cesaro by Killian Dain Rey Mysterio by Johnny Gargano Erick Rowan by Finn Bálor Andrade by Braun Strowman Sheamus by Finn Bálor Mustafa Ali by Killain Dain Killian Dain by Braun Strowman Velveteen Dream by Finn Bálor Braun Strowman by Johnny Gargano Matt Riddle by Johnny Gargano Johnny Gargano by Finn Bálor Drew McIntyre by Randy Orton Randy Orton by Finn Bálor Ricochet by Tomasso Ciampa AJ Styles by Roman Reigns Roman Reigns by Tomasso Ciampa Keith Lee by Finn Bálor Dolph Ziggler by Finn Bálor Finn Bálor by Kevin Owens Tomasso Ciampa by Dominik Dijakovic WALTER by Kevin Owens Kevin Owens by Dominik Dijakovic Shinsuke Nakamura by The Miz Lio Rush by Dominik Dijakovic The Miz by Kofi Kingston Kofi Kingston by Dominik Dijakovic WINNER: Dominik Dijakovic (4 eliminations) MOST ELIMINATIONS: Finn Bálor (7)
  7. Game has crashed more since I installed the patch lmao
  8. I was keeping this game until I finished off the achievements, but it looks like that aint happening. The win a PPV main event in RTG is not working. Ive qualified but every time I click onto the match, it just doesnt load. Also, MyCareer crashes anytime I try to go into it. This game, I swear.
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