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  1. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection on Xbox 360, and Marvel's Spider-Man on PS5
  2. Ive been playing a mix of things lately. The Sims 3, a little bit of WWE 2K19. Ive not long finished TWD: New Frontier, Ive now started TWD: Michonne, and Ill be playing TWD: Final Season after that.
  3. Game crashed while I was like 85% through my move set..
  4. Not sure if this has been mentioned or not. Currently in the middle of my first match, Murphy vs Humberto. All was going great, Humberto was outside the ring, as I was, and I got back in the ring at the count of six. But Humberto was still outside, but the ref restarted the count. Tried this another 2 times, same thing.
  5. Those screenshots are sick!
  6. Currently re-watching Breaking Bad since I finished it 5 years ago. Hyped for El Camino, bitch!
  7. Playing a few things just now. Playing The Simpsons: Hit and Run on my PlayStation 2. As for my Xbox One, Im mixing between Yu-Gi-Oh: LOTD and Rocket League
  8. 11 looks great. Only played X when my friend brought it over one time. Its on Game Pass now, cant wait to play it when I finish work.
  9. Going to see WWE Live in Glasgow on the 11th! Pretty pumped, first time seeing AJ live!
  10. Bit late, but awesome stuff here
  11. Pulp Fiction, for the first time ever. At the movies though, Infinity War.
  12. Super Luckys Tale GTA V WWE 2K18 Rocket League
  13. New job is going okay, and I love my girlfriend like hell. Shes the best.
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