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Status Updates posted by DarkSideofNY

  1. Hey Tich any chance you could let me know how to do that underwear glitch, because I want to make a split black and white version of my Goldberg, thanks so much in advance, Chuck

  2. Hey man thanks for the votes

  3. hey man did u ever find my stings

  4. Hey man, any chance you working on a Daffney?

    I think she will be my first ever diva. When I finish Batista, I think I might start on her. I really like your divas.nice work

  5. Hey man, I updated Batista's dragon tattoo,by doing what you suggested and it looks great, I mentioned you in my topic in post#1

    thanks again

  6. hey man, i just wanted to tell you that YOUR sting was my inspiration to make mine, great job

  7. hey man thanks for the add

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