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  1. My little haul came in today... maybe little is not the best word...
  2. Another Goku in the collection.
  3. Logo uploader is busted again?
  4. Funny how everyone assumes he will play Boba Fett. Just saying if Asoka is in Season 2 then why not Captain Rex.
  5. My little manga collection. Currently reading Death Note. Thinking of picking up Vagabond next as I hear good things even though it's been on Hiatus for years
  6. Wow those final 4 episodes of the Clone Wars where fantastic. Perfect final Arc to the series.
  7. Well it ended with "To be continued" which means next chapter will be in 6 months if lucky or year if not...
  8. When you wait almost a year for a Berserk chapter and then finish reading it...
  9. Didn't play the lotto last night and this happened... But if that 01 was a 10 I could have won £1,000,000... Then I might have just killed myself this morning...
  10. Picked up this generic overpowered grey alien guy today.
  11. I officially can no longer make any attires or CAW's in this game. Every time I try to go into Create a Superstar or Edit a Superstar the game will just instantly crash. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but it fixed nothing. I went on my alt account which has got a fresh save for 2K20 and it did the same thing.
  12. Do not attempt to import any headgear to a superstar. I just tried to make Dude Love and every time I tried to go into the headgear menu the game would crash. I then tried to see if I could import his headband from another creation but there was no option for headgear. So I went into AJ Styles just to see if you can import headgear and it was there but when I selected it the game crashed and then hard locked my PS4 and loud static noise came from the speakers which I had to hold the power button down to fix.
  13. I want em lol Going to Comic Con this year (at least that's the plan), I'm afraid of how much money I'm gonna spend on stuff like this lmaoId hate to know how much I spent on them. Although my Goku Black which I spent £57 on now goes for £200+. They get crazy expensive if you dont get them on release.
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