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# 1 Angelina Love fan

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    Angelnia Love, Velvet Sky
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    rap R&B
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    TNA And WWE
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    pizza mac and chease
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    Wwe Tna/family guy / modern family
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About Me

I have been a fan of wrestling sence i was 2 years old i love the old WWE or at the time WWF i hate the new WWE PG crap they do.they i got in to TNA i used to think it was stupid becuz of the ring the poor storylines i didn't think they were a real wrestling company but than i noticed it had all of my old favorite WWF wrestlers.than i started to watch it more and more i saw the Beautiful People and i stared to love tna.I love Angelnia Love she is so nice and such a good person.


Favorite wwe wrestlers Edge,Zack Ryder,The Miz,Randy Ortan,trent bareta Clayen Croft,Jey and Jimmy Uso,John Morrison,Joey Mercury,Kofi Kingston,MVP,and evan Borne,john cena


wwe wrestlers i hate Batista,Kane,Drew Myanctire,Shemus,ChrisJericho,William Regal,Jack Swagger,


wwe favorite Divas Maryse,Melena,,Layla,Gail Kim,former diva Maria,Taminia,Alica Fox,Beth Pheniox,Natyla


wwe divas i hate Vikie,Eve,Rosa Mendas,Kelly Kelly,Bella Twins


Favorite TNA wrestlers The Pope Mr Anderson,The Brian Kendrack,The band,MCMG,Jeff Hardy,RVD,Shannon Moore,AJ Styles,Hulk Hogan,SamoaJoe,Beer Money,Rob Terry,Jesse Neal,

Jaylethal,Kurt Angle,Homacide,Hernandaze


Tna wrestlers i hate Matt Hardy Jeff Jarret,Desmond Wolfe,Eric Bishoffc,Matt Morgan,Orlando Jordan,Sting,Eric Young, Team 3D,Nasty Boys,Kaz,


Favorite Tna Knouckouts Angelina Love,Velvet Sky,Christy Hemme,ODB,Tara,and Madison Rayne


Tna Knouckouts i hate SoCal Val,Sarita Rosita,Winter,


Fav Tag teams of all time:The hardy boys,3 count,Duddly boys,MNM,Brian Kendrick and Paul Londen,INK INC,The Uso's,Evelution,Rock and sock connection,SES,Cryme Time,


I did not make any of these so credit to anyone who made these nice job by the way


Mickie James



Zack Ryder(WWYKI BRO)30cn288.jpg


Madison Rayne



Miss T.






Velvet Sky





Velvet-Love Entertainment


Credit to Micks4x's for some of his awesome Viedos






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